Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Snow is back!

We went up to Schwietzer Mtn. on Friday and Grace learned to snowboard and the rest of us enjoyed the the snow.  Derek has a pass this year and is loving going up every weekend.  Grace did so good on her first day boarding.  Except the getting off the chairlift after our last run she caught and edge and fell and broke her arm :(    Good thing we know a good Doctor!

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a great Holiday!  Jackie and Justing & family came and Savannah was back.  We played basketball, had girls nights, played at the park with the dogs,  had sleep overs,  dance parties, learned some cheerleading moves and spent lots of time together.  It was a perfect Thanksgiving!  The only thing missing was David and Lauren and we really missed them!

She is Home!

Savannah has been living out in North Dakota this semester with Lauren and David and is loving it.  She came home for the Thanksgiving Holiday!  We loved having her home!  We are excited to have her back permanently in December!  Her study abroad to North Dakota will be over.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


The first snow!  Hercules is in love!  


Chantel & Dean came over for a Football game.  They are such a cute little family.  It was fun to see them as parents to little Colton.  He is such a cutie.   Our back yard is full of leaves.  Hercules things he is our baby.  The cat isn’t such a fan of the poor puppy.  He tries to be friends but she doesn’t really approve.

Weekend in Utah

On our way home from my sisters we spent the weekend with Jackie & family.  We went to sushi and a trampoline play place.  Addi loves Sushi, Weston not so much.  They both loved the trampoline place.   Paden is the happiest baby. We woke up in the morning to leave and there was about 2 inches of snow.  I guess winter is on the way.

Halloween in Utah

We spent Halloween with my Sisters out in Utah.  We celebrated my sister Shannons Birthday and went trick or treating with the cousins.  It was so fun!  We love spending time with our cousins.  I love the picture of charlee and Grace on their phones.  I guess this is the new way to spend time together.  HAHAHA  We also went to the haunted forest.  It was Grace’s first time and it was pretty freaky.

Grand kids visit

Jackie & Justin came to visit for the weekend.  Justin had a brothers trip up at the lake with the Schwartz’s and Jackie came to spend the weekend with us.   We spent a lot of time at the local parks.  They are growing up so fast.  Grace even got to carve pumpkins with someone and not by herself.   We also celebrated  Derek’s Birthday. 

Oregon Birthdays

We went to Oregon to celebrate my dad’s 78th Birthday and Grandma Greens 94th Birthday.  It was so fun to see everyone.  My Dad built a greenhouse that houses his Aquaponics project.  It’s like the circle of life in a greenhouse.  Starts out with fish and ends up with vegetables.  All self sufficient.  I guess once a scientist, always a scientist. 
Steve and Grace flew in Saturday for Grandma Greens Birthday.  It was so fun to see all of Steve’s cousins and visit and catch up with everyone.  Grandma looks great and is doing great!  They have some good genes in that Pennington family!