Wednesday, September 24, 2008

School and Senior Pictures

We finally got a new scanner so I thought I would post Laurens Senior Pictures - they turned out great! She is such a model! We also got Dereks School pictures - I really don't understand boys - Girls - want to look as good as they can in pictures- to the point of really stressing out
Boys - want to take a picture that will really stand out in the yearbook - for all the wrong reasons!

After he came home with this picture I reminded him his grandparents put this up on their wall! He didn't seem to concerned about it! He was looking forward to when the yearbook comes out and he is really smiling for it! hahaha What a funny kid!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa

Grandma Pat and Grandpa Jerry have been here this last week. Grandpa had shoulder surgery and was recovering! While they were here Grandma & Grandpa got some Webkinz - little stuffed animals that you buy and get a code that lets you get on line and play games and send messages to other people who have webkinz - like Grace who now has 3 webkinz. So Grace taught grandma how to play and now they are webkinz buddies. Now that Grandma is gone they can still get on line and play with eachother! We have the cutest Grandma!!!!Here is Grandma playing webkinz with Grace!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Utah State

Savannah came home from science camp just in time to leave with the U of I football team and her dad and go to Utah State. She met some friends of ours there and Jackie and Justin! They had a great time - Vandals played really well until the end - but it was fun anyway! She is now home and will finally get back to real life and real school! Savannah & her friends! Who we really miss!!!!
Steve on the sidelines with Justin and his dad
The cute little newlyweds! Who we also miss sooooooo much! Steve said they looked like they were doing great together! He loved seeing them - I was very jealous!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Science Camp

Savannah and I went to Science camp all week. All the sixth graders from her school loaded a bus 8:00 Monday morning and traveled 4 hours to Mountains of McCall Idaho where University of Idaho runs a outdoor science camp for a week. We stayed in Cabins, had all classes outside and lots of science! We stayed all week and came home a day early so Savannah could go with her Dad to the Utah State game with the Vandals. It is good to be home! I could never be a 6th grade teacher - I decided I only like kids who are nice and behave! It was fun to see Savannah with her peers all week. She is defineatly a leader and so nice to everyone. Savannah is the kind of person who walks in a room and looks for the person who needs a friend and then goes and sits by them - She is such a cutie!
Savannah on our trail out to the Marsh
(we ended up getting lost on the way back to camp
and spent an extra hour out on the trail)
Doing science on the beach! It was beautiful there and we had great weather!
Collecting water for an experiment

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Derek is a Freshman this year and has a group of friends like Lauren. They have been together since elementary school and played football and basketball since the beginning of time. They are all very athletic. They have been in lots of championships over the last 6 years - they started their football season off this week playing our arch rival Pullman and killed them 41 - 00. Since 7th grade Derek's football team has not lost a game. Needless to say they are feeling pretty good about themselves. Derek is the team captain and had a great game - 2 big catches as wide reciever and a lot of big tackles as a line backer and even a fumble recovery! There was a lot of baby testosterone out there on the field! His sisters are pretty good about making sure his head will continue to fit in his helmet! hehehehe (gotta love sisters)

He really loves it when I take pictures of him!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Lauren is a Senior this year and she has a group of friends who have been together since elementary school. They are definately ALL THAT! hehehe No they are really cute girls who are super active in everything at school - so for their senior year they had sweatshirts made that say Moscow bears in the front and Seniors '09 in the back and then they have their last name on the sleeve! This weekend was a home football game and they even kicked the younger groups off the front row so they could cheer - Lauren said "Everyone knows thats our spot why would they stand there!" hehehehe
Nothing like a Senior year!!!
Of course Grace is right there with them!
Storey, Liz, Annie, Lauren & Grace before the game
This is when the team was about to run onto the field after half time!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Reception and off to a New Life!

The reception turned out fabulous! The weather could not have been better! Steve and Derek had done a great job this summer getting the yard in shape! If you have ever seen the movie "Father of the Bride" That is what our backyard looked like! A big white tent with a dance floor in the middle and tables all over! The food was great! There was dancing and talking and eating! We had about 300 people - it was so fun to see all of our friends! Then Saturday Jackie and Justin loaded the moving van with all there things and they were off on Monday! They are now all settled and living in Rexburg! Jackie was so excited about her new apartment! She loves everything! We really miss them already!

The center pieces looked so pretty when they were all lighted up!

Lots of tables under the tent - the yard looked so good!
It was so fun to see so many friends!
Jackie looked beautiful!
All the kids were playing on the fort! This is grace who traded her nice shoes for flip flops

And off they go to Rexburg Idaho!