Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Bride & Groom

The pictures came back from the Photographer and they are so cute!! Here is just a few of my favorites

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jackie's Wedding!

We had the greatest Day! So many family and friends came to help us celebrate this great event! Everything was so easy and smooth. We had such a great day! Jackie was as happy as ever! We are so pleased to have Justin join our family! It will be a day we will never forget! There was a time not long ago when I wondered if she would ever get to have a day like today! I thought about that a lot during all the festivities and felt so blessed that she has been able to be cancer free and live life to its fullest! I think that is why I haven't been sad at all through this whole wedding process! I have experienced sad! This was all fun! I will miss her when she moves to Rexburg to start her new life but I am so happy for her!
The photographer said it was the biggest wedding he has ever done! Plus mentioned the wild cousin bunch - how fun they were to photograph! We had 150 in just family members on both sides! Jackie looked fabulous! The weather couldn't have worked out better! Thank you to all who made this such a wonderful day!
Grace was so happy to have her own boquet of flowers

Cousins were having fun right from the beginning!
And continued the rest of the day and even into the evening! I can't wait to see the pictures and video the photographer took! These kids were WILD!!
I will post the better pictures of the Bride when they come in the next couple of weeks! Here she is getting lots of love!
Grace And her Friend Kindra (Justins Cousins) They loved seeing each other! Kindra was our neighbor and moved 3 weeks ago to Rexburg - we were so happy to see them again!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grace is 7!!!

Grace had a great birthday! She brought a friend (Mackensie) to spend the night up at the lake! Everyone was there - Jackie, Justin, Derek, Aaron (Dereks friend), Lauren and Annie (Laurens Friend). We played pin the tail on the doggy, doggy -doggy where's your bone and a marshmellow game. It was the greatest party ever. We are no off to the wedding! Can't wait to see everyone!
Grace and her birthday cake (oreo cookie icecream cake!) YUM
Lauren and Grace giving the thumbs up for presents!
Grace and Mackensie playing the marshmellow smooshed between your cheeks game!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Wedding Shower & more lake time

The wedding festivities have begun! Jackie had a bridal shower this last week and had over 30 people come! They were so kind! Lots of fun stuff for her new apartment! Pat Greene was so kind to host the event in her beautiful home. Savannah & Lauren played some games. Grace passed out the prizes and helped with giving Jackie the presents. It was a lot of fun to visit with all our friends!

We have been spending as much time as we can up at the lake - here are some pictures from our latest trip. Jackie brought up Justin's brother, Nick and Jordon to play for the weekend.

Grace teaching Jordon (Justin's little brother) how to kayak. She has really become a great little kayaker!

Derek and Lauren trying to help savannah stay on the little tube - They are so helpful - I think she fell off right after this.

Justin learned how to water ski this summer! He was very excited - he apparently tried earlier in his youth and could never get up and thought he would just never be able to do it - but with the excellent boat drivers we have up at the lake - everyone can do it!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Savannah & Sarah

We celebrated Savannah and Sarahs birthdays at the lake! Boy was it LOUD!
Here are the two birthday girls

More Lake Time with Cousins

We had the greatest time with our cousins up at the lake. We sure love our cousins! Sounds like we are making it a annual event - it has been two in a row now! Put it on your calendar end of July 2009!
Savannah bonding with her cousin Garrett and Derek.
Witney and Sarah found out right away this was a bad choice to get on the Sea Doo with Derek (aka wild thing)
Waiting for the Go Karts! We got to enjoy the entire ride - Uncle Darren wasn't here to get us kicked out! Although Derek and Taylor were doing there best to keep up the tradition and got a few warnings!
Grandpa bonding with the grandchildren - they actually went on a canoe ride for the better part of the morning!
This is what we call Ultimate tubing! Only one bad injury - savannah got a fat lip and when I say fat I mean obese!

July 26th Temple Day

We went to the temple with Jackie & Garrett on Saturday the 26th and that was so exciting! It was really great for the two cousins to go together. Thank you to all who came with us!
The whole temple group!
Aren't we the cutest family!
Garrett & Jackie