Monday, August 16, 2010

Spokane to Sandpoint Relay Race

Well Lauren and I ran in a 185 mile relay this last weekend from Spokane to Sandpoint. We were on a team of 12 people and each person ran 3 legs that equaled a half marathon or more. We were asked last minute and so only had about 2 weeks to prepare. I had been running and biking all summer but Lauren had just been working. So our training was pretty limited! Laurens legs were 7.8 mile which she ran in 72 minutes, a 4 mile and a 3 mile which ended up being at 3:00 in the morning! CRAZY! I ran a 6 mile, 2.5 mile and a 5.3 mile. We were pretty happy with our times - we ran 10 minute miles at our slowest! Which is pretty good for me - my short run was actually a 9 1/2 min mile which is really fast for this old woman! It was a unique race where your team ran through silverwood (local theme park) and rode the rollercoaster together as part of the race. But the race was crazy and dangerous. Our first leg a women got hit by a car crossing a 4 lane highway and was taken to the hospital for a broken leg and bruised hip and then our last leg two people got hit by a drunk driver only about 30 minutes behind us and were life flighted to the hospital and one died. The other is in critical condition! CRAZY! So the race was shut down! We ended up finishing all our legs but the second van on our team didn't get to finish theirs so we all just went home! It was dissappointing and shocking all at the same time! You didn't know how to feel! We are not too sore today and are thinking of running a real 1/2 marathon where you show up to run - run the race and then go home - no more middle of the night stuff for me! I am too old for that! We are keeping those poor families who were affected by the accidents in our thoughts and prayers!
Lauren and I running - she was giving me water
riding the rollercoaster with our team

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Real Grandparents

Addison and Weston are doing very well. The Doctors are saying if everything continues to go well they could go home as early as 6 weeks! YAH! Weston is over his pnemonia and all that mess he had to deal with the last few weeks and is off the ventilator and doing great. We went to visit this last weekend and could not believe how much they have grown! It has been 6 weeks since we have seen them and they look so much bigger and better! They were doing so well we got to hold them like REAL GRANDPARENTS! It was so sweet to hold those little guys! They are starting to put them together a little and they love it! It is so sweet how they really love each other. Weston is always trying to snuggle up to addison. They are both well on there way to 3 lbs - hoping to have a 3 lb party this week! Thank you all for your continuous prayers for them! He is already protective of his little sister
Grandma with Addison
Grandpa with Weston

My sister Darla got married this weekend. It was nice to meet all of Kevins family and see my sisters again. I sure love those girls! We are excited for my sister and my new brother in law Kevin and wish them the best!

Savannah is 14

Savannah's Birthday is always right after the Johnson Family Reunion so we always celebrate it before they all leave. This year she even got a back rub from Taylor for her birthday! On her real birthday we went wakeboarding and surfing in the morning and then went out to eat and Movie! It was a great day for a Great kid! We love this girl! This is going to be her best year yet!Getting a little bit of that Cousin love
Gotta love Dad P.

Johnson Family Reunion

We had a great Johnson family reunion at the lake house! We skied, tubed, surfed, played ping pong, watched movies and ate delicious food (that I made. HA). The cousins always love being together. There is never a dull moment with them! It is so fun to see my sisters and brother but we missed the rest of you that didn't make it. The weather turned out great and we didn't have any accidents this year! YAH!!! A few of us biked the Haiwatha trail again this year. Only a few crashes. If you want to see more pictures check out Shannons blog - she is the picture taking queen!Boston, Shae and Savannah right before heading into the 2 mile tunnel!
My big brother and I
The whole crew - My sister Shannon brought all her kids - 2 buggies full! There was a point on the ride where Grace wished she could be in a buggy!

Grace learned how to water ski this year!
Savannah learned how to Wake board
This is what happens when we leave Aunt Jill in charge of the crazies!
feeling a little white trashy!

Here are the little tubers

Here are the Middle size tubers
Here are the Crazy tubers that love to have Uncle Cory Drive
Yes it has produced a few injuries
Good ol' boat driver - with the famous Vacation shirt