Friday, March 19, 2010

Our New Baby

We are the proud owners of a Cessna 182! Steve, Justin and our friend Mark (a professional pilot) flew to Maryland and brought it home! They had a great time flying across the country! When we got home from Utah, Steve took us all for a ride (or flight?) Steve is so excited! It is a beautiful plane and we are very excited to fly all over and see you all!
View of Moscow Mountain from the plane
Derek checking things out! He is also getting his pilots license!
Grace loved it!
Savannah not so much! I don't think she will be
going on any trips with her dad in the near future

Spring Break 2010 - The Canyons

We spent our spring break this year at The Canyons in Park city! The weather was fabulous! And thanks to uncle Cory we skied FREE!!! We love uncle Cory! It was so fun! Jackie came and spent a night with us, my sister Shannon and her family came and spent a night with us and Lauren and Austin spent a night with us! The weather was so nice we all have goggle tans! We had to come home on Wednesday so that Derek, Justin and Steve could make it to the NCAA tournament! Steve and Justin didn't come ski because they were flying our new plane home from Maryland! Those pictures are next!Pretty much the only picture I have of Derek - and only because I surprised him!
My sister Shannon and her cute baby Ivy!
Riding the Gondola up to ski
The gang at the pool
YAH! LAUR P! We love it when we get to see her!
Me & Grace P
The housekeeper made cute little animals out of the towels! It reminded me of the Disney Cruise!

Zoey 1999 - 2010

While the kids and I were on skiing in Utah for Spring Break our dog Zoey fell asleep one night and didn't wake up. Steve buried her out at the property with a bone and a tennis ball. Zoey loved the lake and fetching tennis balls in the water. She will be missed by all but mostly by Grace and Lauren.
I am sure she is happy running around heaven getting in to everyones garbage!
Lauren & Zoey
When we first got Zoey

Grace & Zoey at the LakeGrace took this picture a few weeks ago
She was starting to get a very grey beard

Monday, March 8, 2010

2nd Place for the State of Idaho

Derek's Basketball team played in the State Tournament this last weekend in Boise Idaho. They did so well! They played in the Championship game and ended up with 2nd place! They were disappointed but 2nd out of the whole states is better than Moscow High School has done in a Long time! Derek had a great time and can't wait to go back next year! He is only a Sophmore so hopefully we have a few more trips back to state!Pre - game pep cheer - I am sure if Derek reads this he will not be happy with that description! HA
Just got awarded 2nd place
Receiving his Silver Medal