Monday, June 25, 2012

2 Years old

The Schwartz family came to visit!  YAY!  Justin's brother Nik came home from his mission so they were able to stay for a few days!  The babies had their 2nd birthday!  Crazy how fast that goes!  They are doing so great!  I can't imagine our family without them.  
Addison helping grandpa with his breakfast.  I think she helped everyone this day.

Happy Birthday !

Weston dug right into his and loved every bit of it!  Addison was a little more careful with hers.

Loving the cupcakes :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Derek Graduates High School

Our last graduation was actually our biggest!  Derek graduated from Moscow High School!  WOO HOO!  What a exciting night and a great accomplishment!  We were so proud!  Grandma and Grandpa Pennington & Jackie and the babies came to help celebrate!  We had a great party before and had lots of friends come and congratulate Derek!  He then left to work for my brother Darren for the summer.  So he is off and will return the end of July!  WE MISS HIM!  His plan is to go to Provo and attend UVU in the aviation department and leave on his mission this time next year.
Derek and his buddies since Kindergarten
Weston LOVED the balloons for the party

Sav and Derek!  She will really miss him this next year!

He loves us!

No those are not his cords- he borrowed Laurens GOLD ones and then wore one of his AAU basketball metals.  What a goof ball!

Grandma & Grandpa always our best supporters!


We love it when these guys come to visit!

Weston and Grandpa playing

This is my favorite scene  - everyone in the kitchen!

5th grade Graduation

Grace was 1st 5th grade class to graduate from McDonald Elementary School - when they decided to move the 9th graders up to the high school, they also made the Jr. High into a Middle School.  So this was Grace's last year in Elementary school!  BOO!  I love elementary school!  It was weird to think we have had a child at McDonald Elementary for 16 years.  We will miss all the school picnics, book fairs, The Burley Crew (5 times), field trips and all the teachers we have had and loved!
They did a full out graduation for the 5th graders with caps and  diplomas

Yah!  Summer vacation!

Grace, Mckenna & Ashley!  BFF's

Mr. Bascom her 5th grade teacher

Everyone who could make it to the graduation!

9th grade Graduation

Savannah was the last class in Moscow to graduate from the Moscow Jr. High.  They are moving the 9th graders to the high school next year.  She ended up with a 4.0 to start her high school transcript!  Little smart!  We love this girl!  She is the best!  She is gone for most of the summer visiting her sisters, cousins at EFY and Volleyball camps.  We already miss her! COME HOME!

Sav and her best buddy Jake.  They have been friends since they were babies!

Lauren showing her love for our newest graduate!

Lauren and David came to the 17 hour long assembly to support Sav!