Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lauren is HOME!

Lauren finished up her Freshman year at BYU! We were so excited for her to come home! She had a great year at the "Y" - she did really well in school and is still working towards Medical school, she found some great friends to room with next year, and she brought home a boyfriend! So it was a pretty successful year! HA She plans on getting a job for the summer and living up at our Lakehouse in Coeur d'Lene. We are so happy she is home!!Grace P was the first to see her! Could be because she had been waiting outside all afternoon!
Her Best Friend Anne was also waiting with Grace!
The Final Reunion!! HA Lauren kept saying how much she loved her Homeland! She is such a goof!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moscow March 5K

I talked Savannah into running her 5K today! She did great! She ran it in 30 min. pretty good for your first time! She was 2nd in her age category! Now she is ready to do some more training so we can run a 10K next! I tried to talk her into going on my 30 mile bike ride today but she declined! So I had to go with some other friends! I am training for a 80 mile bike ride in June so this week I biked 76 miles - next week 81 - long ride 35! It is going pretty good! I hope I'm ready come June! HA

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

With Conference falling on Easter it was a very relaxing day! We had the Boydstons and the Monsons over and Grandma Madge who is recovering from her knee surgery (she won't let me take any pictures of her so I will have to sneak one!) We had a wonderful dinner and great dessert and a big easter egg hunt! It was a nice day which have been few and far between the last 2 weeks!
Coloring the Easter Eggs
Derek sat like this for the entire time! He did finally color a face but that was all! I feel like he is done coloring eggs.
Colored eggs
The girls on the hunt for Easter eggs
I feel like this is becoming a pattern! (Shannon - what do I do when children don't want to take a picture? Oh yah! Ground them! HAHAHAHAHA)