Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break 2012

First time in...... I can't remember how long.... we stayed home for Spring Break.  It was really low key and we kept asking ourselves why we stayed home.  We didn't really have an answer.  Jackie and Lauren and the babies came on Wednesday and we just watched movies, got pedicures and ate lots of food.  The boys - Steve, Derek, Justin & David - all went to the NCAA tournament in Portland.  They had a great time.  They like to watch so much Basketball it is crazy!  On there day off of live basketball  they watch it in the hotel room on the TV.   The girls were very glad to have basketball free TV all weekend.
Triple play at the first of the week with friends
These girls were done swimming in about 10 minutes!  hahaha back to their phones!

Should have taken these girls to Vegas they were on a roll with the tickets!

Pedicure day with the Girls

Addi LOVED the pedicures!

Grace had a Volleyball tournament on Saturday ....... Oh ya - that's why we had to stay home:)

All Grace's Fans!

playing play dough - Weston has to have his binki in because he eats it :)

Steve took the boys to our old house in Portland ...... Wait Nope that's not our house!  
There it is!  HAHAHAHAHA  Derek got a big kick out of his Dad not really knowing where he lived!  To his defense we only had one car and I picked him up from Medical School and dropped him off - so technically he probably didn't drive here very often :)

The boys and their GREAT seats at the Tournament!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


It is amazing to me how much we love our children and how much we want to protect them from sadness and disappointment.  The State tournament was a dream of these 5 senior boys since they were in 3rd grade.  I think they have talked about winning the State championship when they were seniors ever since they were on their first basketball team together.  In the first game Derek got hurt.  We thought he sprained his ankle.  He got it taped quickly and got back in the game.  You could tell he was hurt but he pushed through it and still scored 14 points and helped his team move on to the semi finals.  But later that night things did not look so good.   He ended up with a broken ankle and some torn ligaments.  How that boy played the rest of that game is a miracle.  The Seniors were crushed! I have never been so heart broken then when I had to watch these boys come and comfort their buddy.  It was truly devasting to have worked this hard for so long to have this happen just when your dream was in sight.  Derek was a great sport and showed incredible character this weekend.  Trying to inspire his team and let them know they could win without him.  It was not to be.  Without him it was not the same.  They lost the next two games by 8 points or less.  They say ones best success comes after their greatest disappointment, I hope that is true!  It is hard to see your children's dreams crushed after they work so hard for something.  I know he has a plan for Derek and his buddies and this is part of it.  I think sometimes things happen in life and the lord is saying "Are you still with me?"  Watching my son handle this extremely disappointing experience has made me realize he is not a boy anymore.  What a great season he had!
some action shots of the game - this is l where he stole the ball and went in for a shot and got hammered  and broke his ankle

him shooting after his injury

watching him walk in for the next game on crutches :(

watching the last game

Great fans!  We are missing my sister Jill's family they came to support Derek too!  

Best Friends