Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tender Mercies

I have typed and erased entries for the last 10 mintues. I don't even know how to put my feelings down into words. It has been a very exhausting week but in the end we were blessed with 2 beautiful little grandchildren! Weston Mark Schwartz 1lb 11 oz and Addison Grace Schwartz 1lb 10oz both were about 13 inches long. Sweet little faces and perfect little bodies.
Jackie went into labor on Monday and went right into the logan hospital and things did not go well and was life flighted to Ogden. Labor was stopped for a few days and then started up again on late Thursday night. Friday morning things continued to get worse. Jackie was so drugged and not feeling well and labor just kept progressing until her placenta abrupted and they had to take the babies.
Jackie is doing Great! She is recovering well! She is such a positive person! We just love her! Justin is doing Great! He is the best! He is such a cute little dad and husband! My daughter and grandchildren are in the best hands!
The babies continue to do as expected for their tender age! They are little fighters! We have heard of many prayers on their behalf and are very thankful to all!
I was reminded this week of my Heavenly Fathers love for his children. If I follow where he leads me, I am blessed beyond measure. Sometimes it takes me awhile to remember to give my burden to the lord and when I do, immediately he holds my broken heart together with his hands and I feel peace, even in a room of chaos. I have seen many miracles this week and know he will be with our little ones as they fight there way through this new life.
That is Jackies hand and this is little AddisonLittle Weston
They both have lots of dark hair - so cute!
Everything is so perfectly formed and little
Savannah was able to go and see the little pip squeeks! We all just love them!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Busy Week

1.Schools out,
2.Jackie and Justin are in town,
3. Lauren and Grace went to canada,
4. Derek is off to Missoula playing basketball,
5.Savannah, Steve and I flew to Grants Pass for Grandma Penningtons Memorial.

We started summer off with a BANG! School got out on Wednesday and we have been on the go ever since - Welcome to summer! Jackie and Justin came on Tuesday to visit. Justin's brother is leaving on a mission next week so they came to see him off. She is looking like she might have a few babies growing in there! Some friends threw her a baby shower. It was really fun! About 40 people attended and she got some really cute things and the stroller she wanted! YAH! Then the weekend came and we all headed in different directions. Lauren and Grace went to Canada to see Austin and his new puppies. If they bring one home - someone is real big trouble! Derek headed off for the first Varsity tournament of the summer in Montana- he has texted me a few times and sounds like things are going well.
Steve flew us in his new plane to Oregon for Grandma Penningtons Memorial. The trip was cut to 3 hours instead of 10! YAH for the new plane!!! The weather turned out to be great and Steve was an excellent pilot! The memorial was really nice and it was fun to see old friends from Grants pass. We are off to a fabulous start to summer. Derek has another basketball tournament in Boise this week and the girls and I are off to Utah to EFY.Grace and Mrs. Thompson! I am sad I don't have any more children for her to teach! I was teasing her she will probably be my little twin grandchildrens 3rd grade teacher! She was Jackie, Savannah and Graces teacher!
There's our little babies!

My beautiful girls
Grace loves everything about the babies! She even got to feel the little guys kick!
Our wonderful friends who threw the shower
Savannah at Grandpa J's Mountain
Grandma & pa J
Our cute litte plane that saved us 14 hours!
Savannah before take off!
Steve taking his nephews for a ride

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lake House is Officially Open!

We put the boat in, took all the chairs and life jackets down and brought down the kayaks! Summer is about to begin! School officially gets out on Wednesday! YAH!! To bad the water temp is 55 degrees! BURRR! It did warm up to 60 on Saturday! Gotta Love June in the Northwest! Summer around here doesn't really start until the end of June! Notice all the sweatshirts! The kids don't care what the weather they will tube no matter what!!!

Savannah taking the Bomb out for its maiden voyage! Thumbs up!
Enjoying the warm weather (60!)
Remember the water is 55 degrees and this cute little boat driver was getting a little crazy with the driving - but acting like it was an accident!
All the kids tubing - They did not want to fall in! What ever Savannah is doing is not a good idea!
What ever it was she is gonna pay!
( lauren- I guess you were lying when you said you were not trying to push her in the water!
A picture is worth 1000 lies! HA )

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We traveled to Grants Pass for the long weekend in hopes of seeing Grandma before she passed away. We were a day too late but a lot of Steves family came with the same hope! So we got to spend the weekend with all the Penningtons! It was very fun to see our cousins again! We went to the annual Boatnik festivities and had lots of home made ice cream. We thought we would be there for the Funeral but they decided to bury Grandma this weekend in Arizona next to Grandpa and then have a memorial service on June 12th. Yes - if some of you have been keeping up on my blog that is the day of my Bike race. I was disappointed but like the quote says " life is what happens when you make other plans!" I will be happy to go and honor such a beautiful woman and valiant life lived. So we rode 70 miles today and after that I am now kinda glad I don't have to ride it again next weekend! HA
The view off Grandpa & Grandma Johnsons Mountain

Grace Loves this swing at Grandpa Johnsons
Steve and his Brother Don - This is Steve's Zoolander pose! Such a goofball!
All the cousins! Loved it! We were just missing Ken & Christy and of course all the married kids!
Grace and Savannah at the Boatnik Festival!
Derek showing us some mad sword fighting moves!