Wednesday, May 1, 2013

BYU Graduation

We went out to Provo for to see Lauren & David graduate from BYU.  There were 6000 graduates and Elder Perry was the Keynote speaker.  We were so proud of these two!  David also got his acceptance into University of North Dakota Medical School.  So they are going to be packing up soon to move.  Lauren is getting ready to take her MCAT and then will apply next year and hopefully get into the same medical school.  They are excited to start this next chapter of their life!

6000 graduates

Our 2 BYU graduates

so proud of these two!

Charlee and Grace hammin' it up

Jackie & Justin came down and we took the kids swimming

they love swimming with Grandpa

Savy & Addi 

We had a pizza party to celebrate the graduates

Then we rented a puppy.  Yes Provo has a real business called

Grace & Lauren were in Heaven

What a great the puppy for 1 hour and then give it back!

Shaved ice opened this weekend!  WOO HOO

Savannah hates flying....... I had to document how she copes.  She is watching a movie on Steve's computer under that blanket.  But it beats driving 12 hours!

Grace doesn't seem to mind it at all:)