Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving in Arizona

We met all the Penningtons down in Arizona for Thanksgiving.  It was so fun to be with everyone.  We rented a house with a beautiful backyar.  It had a heated pool, hottub, fireplace, fish pond and putt putt golf.  It was warm enough outside  - 80 degrees - it almost didn’t need to be heated.  We played games, went swimming, ate great food, roasted marshmellows, went to the movies, rode go carts and had In and Out Burgers and Shaved ice.  It was a great holiday!  When we got home is was 29 degrees – so back to winter! 

Cousins playing games

Pennington siblings 

What a great swimming pool

Plenty of room to swim

Savannah & baby 2nd cousins

roasting marshmellows

yummy shaved ice

Gilbert Temple in construction

All the go carters - Yep that's Grandma in the black

Megan Grace & Grandma

Cousin Soup

The whole clan


Grace got to go on a football trip with her dad to Provo.  They got to spend time with all the Utah kids.  They went out to eat, too a movie, swimming, bowling and to a football game all in 24 hours.  They had a great time!  It was a really late game out in Utah so they didn’t get home until about 3:00am.  Grace was pretty tired when we went to church at 11:00.  

Weston and Derek bowling

The boys at the game......looks COLD!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stake Conference

One of the perks of being the Stake Presidents family is we get to have the visiting General Authorities  stay with us.  This year we had Elder Bussey of the Seventy.  They bring such a great spirit with them. He gave some good advice to the Youth that we could all use.  He gave 3 tens to the Youth - Ten minutes of Prayer, Ten minutes of Scripture reading and Ten minutes of service Daily.  He promised them if they did this they would be able to bless others and be personally protected.  It was a great Conference and a inspirational weekend.

Trick or Treat

Grace informed us this would be her last year trick or treating :(  We really are getting old.  So Steve took the group of a million girls out and they stayed out for 2 1/2 hours.  He was getting every bit of Trick or Treating in.  I even had to run water to them half way through!  hahaha 
Grace, Ashley, Mckenzie & Ellie 

The group before they headed out 

Off they go  for 2 1/2 hours :)

Getting Ready for Halloween

With only 2 left at home I wasn't sure if anyone but Grace would carve a pumpkin.  Savannah said she really wanted to and then when we were carving them she kept asking why we do this terrible tradition!  hahaha  It may be the last year for her except she is a pretty sentimental girl so we could probably guilt her into it for a few more years!
Addison & Weston dressed up as Chewbacca and Princess Leia - so cute!  I want to blow this picture up it is so cute!

Savannah wondering why we do this disgusting tradition:)

The final product

Happy Birthday Derek

Derek was home for his birthday.  So we got to celebrate!   He was just here the weekend before so he had already opened all his presents.  He is such a goof ball.  We had pizza and Chocolate cake.  We sure love this boy.  He is working on his Pilots license out at UVU.  It was nice to have him home.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm a Bieliber:)

Grace gave Savannah tickets to the Justin Bieber concert in Portland, OR way back in July for her birthday.  They thought it would never get here!  They are the biggest Bieber fans.  We went with our friends the Wrays.  What a great time we had.  The concert openers were Carly Rae Jeppson (call me maybe)  and Cody Simpson (I didn't know him either but the girls were excited.  He is a 14yr old austrailian pop star) When Justin was about to come out I thought Savannah was going to start crying and Grace never stopped SCREAMING!  I have never seen such emotion from either daughter! hahaha I was actually very impressed with the young pop star.  He gave an incredible concert.  Fireworks, light show and huge screens.  Girls screaming everywhere!  It was an enchanting evening!  hahaha After the show Savannah commented that she didn't think she could love him any more than she already did but after the show she thinks she does!  hahaha  My hearing finally came back and we will remember that concert for a long time!  I actually put some of his songs on my running list :)
On our way!

decked out in glow stuff for the concert!

she LOVES the Biebs!

just loving it

great light show

Loving every minute!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Royalty Duties Never End :)

Homecoming for University of Idaho is this weekend and all the Moscow High School Royalty were in the parade.  Since they cancelled the homecoming game for our Highschool because of smoke I guess this was makeup for them:)  Savannah was glad she didn't have to wear her dress.  It was very cold this morning!  I guess Winter is coming!  
Cute little jungle Princess!

Grace enjoying the U of I  band

Monday, October 1, 2012

South Carolina

The Vandals (Uof Idaho football team that steve travels with) had a game in North Carolina so I went with Steve and we drove down to Darren & Laurels and had a great day that ended with the best Pizza ever.  My brother has become quite the chef these days!  It was great to see all the South Carolina Johnsons!  We miss them terribly!

me and my cute brother at the beach!  It must be a genetic thing how we all love the ocean:)

Pizza making is no joke in this house hold!  Best pizza I have ever had!

Steve proving Savannah is not to big to still be carried by her dad:)

JV Volleyball and Babies

We flew the babies home to their parents.  They got their first ride in Grandpa's airplane.  They did great!  They didn't keep the headphones on very long and tried to eat the earplugs but they traveled well!

Savannah is about to finish up her JV Volleyball season.  I think she will be glad to get to come home everyday after school.  She is a 4.0 student and all the classes missed because of traveling is stressing her out!  She did great!  She is an outside hitter and has a great serve!

Homecoming 2012

Savannah was voted Sophmore Princess for Homecoming.  It was a jungle theme so they had a flower crown and animal print sash.  Of course everyone had to try it on.  We have had so many fires in this area they had to cancel the game so she didn't get to ride in the back of the car for half time:(  but she had a great time and a cute date!

Here is my little jungle princess!

The dinner group

All the girls
future jungle princess

she could not be left out!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby sitting

Jackie and Justin went on a Cruise this last week and we got to babysit the babies!  It has been so fun and EXHAUSTING!  I was totally out numbered!   They are growing up so fast!  They both try to say so many words (most I do not understand) They are such cute little friends.  We just waited outside at 3:00 everyday for Grace to come home from schoool!  Hahaha  Then Grace and her friends would play for a few hours and then I could finally clean up from breakfast!  Hahaha
Addison carried the picture of her parents around all day and made sure I knew who they were!  

Playing outside

They love the Tire Swing

Playing in the Hammock

First thing they do is run and get in my bed and ask for Bampa

Justin (Best Son In Law Ever) took Grace to the fair again  and then he left on his Cruise! 

This is how Grace babysits!  This is why they wait for her to come home!

Grandpa also gives alot of golf cart rides

We spent most of the week at the park:)

We were at the store and addison took out my card and tried to swipe it!  HAHAHA  She clearly knows what it's for!  They are in big trouble with this little smarty!