Monday, April 15, 2013

New Beginnings

Grace got to go to New Beginnings!  I know I can't believe my baby will be a beehive by the end of the summer!  CRAZY!  She has a great group of girls moving up with her and it should be a really fun group!


The weather was so good for Easter.  It made the Easter Egg hunt so much better.  We had the Wrays, Mosmans & Monsons over for dinner.  We had a great time with great food and great company.
finding the eggs in the morning - Last year they got all mad because I didn't wake them up and Grace did it by herself.  I did not make that mistake this year:)

The group before they headed down to hunt eggs.

finding the eggs

too big to find eggs!

Jack pot!


Steve flew us to logan overnight and we had an impromptu family reunion.  I love that plane!  We had a great BBQ dinner by Justin and his new grill and then played with the babies! 

on our way

These little cuties are so fun!

playing with Grandpa

taking a wagon ride

Grace pulling David.  She was getting some exercise!

taking a walk with Weston

Swinging at the Park

He loves Swinging!

Grace is almost as tall as Jackie!

People Fair

Grace & Ashley were Orville and Wilbur Wright.  They had a great presentation and Fabulous Costumes!

NCAA tournament

The boys had a great trip to the NCAA tournament.  This year they went to SLC.  They eat
and eat and eat and watch 1000 games of basketball.  We are glad they don't invite us:)

NCAA tournament in SLC
filling out their brackets.  This is serious people!
They had 2 TV's and a Lap top watching 3 different games.  And Yes that is Lauren & Jackie.  They came up on Friday to each dinner with their dad.

I think this was a pre-game meal

They loved their Grand America Slippers!  I am still waiting for the bill!  hahaha

Spring Break

For Spring Break we went to California.  We spent a few days with Derek & Diana, a few days at Disneyland & a few days with Grandma Marlene & Papa Joe.   It was so nice to spend time in the warm weather!

In front of the Lego Store

We got to visit with David's Mom.

Beach time


Derek and his Fanny pack!

Mitchell, Diana & haley spent a day with us at Disney

Derek always trying something new


We went all the way to Disneyland to see our Neighbor :)

Sure had fun with these kids!

Having fun at the beach

greatest crepe place in LA.  We went there while we were waiting to see Witney

got to see this cute girl!  She is now on Dancing with the stars!

My great Pianist

cars land

Grace's first time on Splash mountain

We played lots of games with Grandma Marlene

Cute little baby Emily

we rode the lawnmower, 4 wheeler and the electric wheelchair!  HAHAHA

Rayne & Savy on the 4 wheeler

more games with Grandma

We even got to see our friends the Taylors at Disney land

fun with friends & Derek with his fanny pack

He also really wanted an tiger shirt.  What a goof!

Smart Girls!

Another Smarties pants in the family!  Grace made the Honor Role for the middle school.  It was in the paper!  Way to go Grace! 

Savannah also lettered in Academics!  We didn’t even know you got a letter for that!  I think it must be a new thing!  Way to go Savannah!  She was also accepted into the National Honor Society!

Way to go Grace!

Fancy Letter:)


Grace played on the  Evolution volleyball team this year and they did really good.  It was a fun season with all her friends on the team.  She has become a great server and really good in the back row with the digs!


Derek went to Utah for a week and visited with Lauren & David and Jackie & Justin.  When he went to visit Jackie, he got there really late and the kids were already asleep so when they woke up in the morning and he walked out  and said “It’s my Derek!”  They love him.