Friday, February 26, 2010

Always Something at this house!

Jackie went to the Doctor yesterday and came home with a surprise! She is having Twins! AHHHH! I had a few panic attacks but the rest of the family was ecstatic! Now they will not have to share any babies! They are due the first of October! Jackie seems to be coping better today when I talked to her - WOW! She always had to do things the hard way! HAHA Now we just keep praying for healthy mom and babies!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Derek had a great JV Basketball season! His highest scoring game was 26 points! At the end of the JV season they pulled him up to Varsity and last night they won the District title! So we are headed to Boise next week to watch them play for the state title! It was so fun! GO BEARS!I had to scan this in - There he is on the Varsity Roster! He has been pretty excited!

Cutting down part of the net!
Here are the District Champs!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grandma Jacobsen

My cute little grandma passed away this last week. She was my Dad's mom and the last of my grandparents. She was in her 90's and until a few months ago I thought she would out live me! She was very organized and prepared. She did everything the prophet told us to do and then more! The bishop told a story of how right before she died she was so worried she hadn't paid her tithing this month - so my dad wrote a check and gave it to the bishop and they recorded it right before she passed! What a good example she was! She submitted more than 90,000 names to the temple! She was an incredible woman who helped the church with her geneology skills. She loved anything to do with family history. At her funeral my Aunt Sharon told of all the many jobs she had and I can't say I was surprised, she did pretty much everything. But one I didn't know about was she was an airplane mechanic. She passed away on her anniversary! My Grandpa died about 10 years ago. What a sweet reunion that was along with all the 90,000 people who she helped through her temple work! What an incredible woman! We will miss her!
We were also able to spend time with my sisters and kids! We sure love all those guys!

Lauren needed some help - I think Boston had No choice!
Grandma Marlene and Papa Joe were there too! It was fun to see everyone!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Savannah P.

Still just Basketball, Basketball, Basketball at our house so I will tell you a little about Savannah.

Savannah is 13 and attending 7th Grade at Moscow Jr. High School. Where she does very well! She is an avid reader and is always looking for a good book to read!

She is very social, has about a million friends and is always having a sleepover! If you ever want to get a hold of her just get on your facebook and if she is home I sure you will be able to chat with her! Her room is filled with posters of stars she is obsessed with! Her dad tells how sad it is that all those boys on her wall are so poor - (Many are shirtless)! I think right now her favorite is Taylor Lautner from the twilight series. She LOVES music and is always buying news songs with whatever money she has! Once she asked me to give her an itunes gift card instead of her allowance! She plays the piano except when she is playing a sport, which she plays volleyball and basketball and made the "A" team for both this year. She also likes to waterski, snowboard, kayak, tube, wakeboard and surf!

Her true love is traveling! She is a girl after my own heart! She will go anywhere - anytime! She has traveled all over the world at her young age and would like to travel more. Her dream is to live in Greece (which I happily encourage all study abroads) She wants to have a job where she can live in many different countries. She is a great photographer - so it may be that! She will always go to movies with me and pretty much anywhere I am going! She is trying to get to New York this summer for her Birthday! She is a great daughter, sister and friend! We love her so much and so glad she is our cute daughter!Peru
San Diego- She loves the ocean

Washington DC