Monday, September 27, 2010

Grandpa Green

October 4, 1914 - September 22, 2010
We went to Grants Pass this last weekend to celebrate the life of Steve's Grandpa Green- 96 years old. The service was so lovely and we had a beautiful day. It was so great to see so many cousins we hadn't seen in a while! Grandpa always had a little twinkle in his eye and always had a smile and a hug for you. He was such a kind man who lived his life with integrity and hard work. He loved animals and would often nurse them back to health when he found them hurt. He has lived in the same house forever! He built it for grandma and we have had many family picnics and Easter egg hunts there. He loved to rebuild cars and had many old cars that he restored and acres of car parts he collected. We will miss him.Steve and his Grandma Green
One of the old cars out on his property
Balloons were let off at the cemetary - One of the little girls said " What is Heavenly Father going to do with all those balloons! " HA cute!
It was good to see Steve's family!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

1st day of School 2010

We got home from California on Monday and started school on Wednesday. It was a busy Tuesday getting school supplies, schedules and school picnics! But we made it and everyone seemed to survive the first week of school!

Baby update - Addison and Weston continue to grow and progress. They are about 3 1/2 pounds each and Addison looks just like Jackie as a baby. Weston looks just like his daddy. We are hoping they come home before the month is out if all goes well and we will get to love on them in October.Grace and Mackenzie - on her way to 4th Grade
Derek is so excited for his Junior year! HA
Savannah - 8th grade - I love this girl!

Talk about a PARTY!

My brother Derek really knows how to throw a party! He had one son coming home from his mission and one son leaving on his mission so he invited us all to DISNEYLAND! WOO HOO! We played at Disneyland for a few days and spent a day at the beach and then sunday had a big family BBQ after the homecoming/farwell! It was so great to hear from my two nephews - I am so proud of them what great examples they are to my kids! This has been the summer of cousins and we loved it! Jackie and Justin got to get away for a day and spend it with all of us at Disneyland and we made the most of that day - 16 hours - we were there from beginning to end! It was a great week!
Garrett and Taylor! WE LOVE THESE BOYS!
Two of my sisters and my cute little mom
They are really going to miss each other! Goof balls!
Here is the whole crew!
The pool at the house we rented - this is Cade and Grace
Grandma and Grandpa Johnson came to Disneyland - Grandpa even went on the rollercoasters!
Soaked after the Water show!

I was making Grace go on California Screaming - I don't usually do this but she had decided the day before that she was going to go on it and in my defense she went on Tower of Terror - TWICE! Which is much scarier than screaming. After she was done she loved it and we had to go on it 5 times! My sister Shannon was so proud! She is so hard core! She makes her kids go on everything whether they cry or not! The funniest was later that day she was talking to Olivia (my sister Shannons 5 year old) and told her "Olivia, one day your mom is going to make you go on something that you think is so scary and you are going to be so scared and cry but after your done you are going to love it and want to go on it a lot." She didn't know we were listening and we laughed so hard! She is so cute to impart her great wisdom to her little cousin! HA
California Screaming
Taylor caught a sand crab
He is teaching Grace how to catch them - I believe cade, grace and Hailey caught about 50 of them and made a crab city out of sand
It was such a great day!

Garrett and Taylor Week

Garrett (one of our favorite cousins who just got home from his mission) and Taylor (one of our other favorite cousins who is leaving on a mission) came and spent a week at the lake house. It was so fun! I love these boys! We ate, watched movies, swam, wakeboarded, surfed, skiied and tubed. We did our best to help Garrett get back into the real world. It was so great to hear about his mission and all that he learned. We love returned missionaries! They have such a great spirit about them.Garrett, Taylor, Lauren and Derek so happy to be together!
Lauren always ready for a picture
They love each other

The flamingo - Lets see Uncle Darren top that one!
Taylor wakeboarding one last time before he leaves for 2 years
I love this picture with the sun setting in the background!
Steve skiing - showing us how its done!
Derek decided to pick up waterskiing this summer - he is a natural at everything!

Grace turns 9

Grace had a great birthday! She woke everyone up early before Steve left for work and opened all her presents and then had a birthday party with her friends. They had a home made theater complete with a concession stand (Thanks Savannah and Miley!) It was a great day for a great kid! She is such a fun child and so easy to get along with! We love you Gracie, short G, Mervyn, nancy, Grape or whatever it is we call you!Bright and early! It is so fun to still have someone who is SO excited for her birthday!
She got Heeleys - they are tennis shoes with wheels and she is pretty good with those things!
Grace and her friends at her birthday!