Friday, August 28, 2009

Changes in the Family!

We took Lauren to her new life at BYU! She was a little nervous but she has a super cute roommate and a super cute room! It was a very sad good bye and Grace still won't let us mention her name yet! We will miss you cutie!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Grace had a great day! Grandma & Grandpa Pennington, Dee-anna and boys & Jackie and Justin all came for her big day! She was really cute! She asked Derek and Jackie to speak and they both did great! Justin led the music & the sisters sang "My Own Little Lamp" (a family tradition which Jackie said she will not continue on to the next generation! hehehehe) Lauren played the flute with part of the song! We had a packed relief society room - Derek had asked me earlier how many people I thought might come and I really didn't think many would come on a saturday at 1:00! He made fun of me the rest of that day!  But we have wonderful supportive friends and we did not even have enough seat! She is a very much loved little girl! We are so proud of her! She is on her way to Jackie and Justins today without us! We are still packing up Lauren and leaving in the Morning! It is now starting to be really sad! I will really miss Lauren!
The Baptism girl and her dad
We made lots of CTR cookies for everyone that came
Here is part of the crew that came to celebrate with us
Jackie and Justin also had their 1st Anniversary - Same day as the Baptism!  So here they are eating their wedding cake they saved for a whole year!  All the kids thought that was the grossest tradition they had ever heard of!  

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grace Baptism

I just finished the slideshow we are going to show while Grace and Steve are getting dressed during the baptism! I thought you would all enjoy seeing it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

8 years old!

We were traveling home from Chicago on her Birthday so yesterday we celebrated! It was quite a day! She had a big party with lots of friends and went out to eat at her favorite restaurant - Mongolian BBQ! Grandma Pat & Grandpa Jerry showed up right as all her friends were singing Happy Birthday to her! Next is the Baptism this Saturday! CRAZY that my baby is 8!
Here she is the 8 year old!
Savannah - cleaning up during the party- POOR, POOR Savannah!
 She is a little like cinderella!
It was a luau!  We made Beach picture frames, learned to hula from Lauren & Annie, played volleyball and broke a pinata (I know seems a little spanish but it was a flip flop pinata)
Here is all the girls at the party

Monday, August 17, 2009


teve had a meeting in Chicago so we took the girls to show them what real school shopping was like in the Big City! We left Derek home - he had football - he wasn't very sad! We loved all the shopping, taxis & Great food!
Savannah & The Chicago river
Lauren with the Chicago Sky line in the back

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Family Vacation!

It was sad for us to see all our family leave! We had so much fun with everyone ! We were a little lonely without everyone! We just kept looking at eachother wondering what to do! So below is this last week - we did a few things we are not use to doing - 1. We went Camping on the ward campout! (My kind of camping is at the local Hilton!) Grace had never slept in a tent outside of our backyard and she begged us to go! So we went camping- some were happier than others about camping - but we made it and Grace LOVED it! While we were there we hiked to Elk River falls and played in the creek! 2. We went on a 15 mile bike ride through the bitteroot mountains on the Montana and Idaho border! It was so beautiful! It is was the old railroad track they converted to a mountain bike trail! It was really cool! 
This is for you Uncle Darren - this is what we call Inland surfing - No Ocean!
Our Bike ride on the Hiawatha trail! Here we are on one of the really cool bridges!
Gotta love the Idaho scenery!
Grace on her Tag a long bike with Steve
Everyone on the Trail!  I am thinking we should do 
this bike ride next year as part of our Johnson family 
reunion the end of July! What do ya think guys?  They rent all kinds of bikes and trailers and tag a long bike and BIKE LIGHTS FOR THE DARK TUNNELS
That is one of about 7 bridges we rode over!  So cool!
Lots of tunnels - you had to have a light or you would crash in most of the tunnels
 - one tunnel was 2 miles long -
 absolutely NO light!!!!   Good thing we had lights
And now our Camping trip!
This is how Lauren felt about camping!
The things we do for GRACE!
Another Reluctant Camper!
Super Happy Campers!
We hiked to Elk River falls - really beautiful!
After a 3 mile hike we found the jackpot!
Campfire and all!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Johnson Family Reunion

My Dad & Madge, Derek, Mindy, Shannon and their families all came for a week at the Lake! It was so much fun! We tubed, waterskied, wakeboarded, surfed and swam. Cory was the ultimate boat driver! The big kids loved him - Rumor has it he was going 40 miles an hour - Cory denies all inappropriate behavior. Although we do have witnesses that say when Taylor fell off he was skidding across the water! hmmmmm I even heard my son Derek say there were moments he was afraid for his life! hmmmmm My brother tore his hamstring while waterskiing - so that was sad! He loved having all his sisters take care of him! He really loves a lot of attention! hehehe We missed all the family that couldn't come and say to them - put it on your calendar for next year - it is now going on the 5th year of Johnson Family reunion the last week of July!!!!!
The two August 16th Birthdays - We celebrated - had chocolate cake and keylime pie!

Monopoly was the game of choice this year! They played all the time!
Dad & Madge - it was so fun to have them with us!
Tubing - My sister shannon has all the water sport pictures - look on her blog
More monopoly
It always starts out nice
Then it turns ugly!
And just keeps going
Jaxon swimming at night!