Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We love our cousins! We went out to Utah this last weekend to say goodbye to our Cousin Nick who is leaving on a mission tomorrow! All my siblings were there and all the grandkids!(except the one that is on a mission in Mexico and the poor married student cousin who lives in South Carolina!) It was so fun! While we are all together we are always trying to plan the next vacation! My sister Shannon is renting this incredible house that has a pool in the back yard, arcade and game room with a basketball hoop, Movie theater & tons of room for everyone! I am always sad to come home 1000 miles away from everyone! It sure makes me glad FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!!!!!
All the cousins!
We took all the little kids to see the Movies! They loved it!
BYU game
Savannah & Shae playing in the arcade room at my sisters house!
It will be a while until Nick can bug his cousins!
Savannah and Shae doing a little modeling and night swimming!
Grace doing a little swimming
More arcade playing
Jackie & Justin got to come! We love seeing them!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Savannah made the "A" team for 7th Grade Jr. High Volleyball! She was pretty excited! She is so funny! She isn't ever sure if she is very good! (unlike a son I have in my house!) They had their first game last night and they won! Savannah did awesome! She was the best player on the team! . . . . . I know! We were a little surprised too! She can really play volleyball! Who knew!!!! hehehehe She had about 10 aces, lots of digs and even a few good hits at the net! She played all 3 games and never came out! It will be a fun Volleyball season! GO CUBS!!!!

Look at that power! ACE!

Grace and I also got to go to her 1st Mother & Daughter Achievement day activity! It was fun! We made quilts and had a nice lunch together!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

School Starts

The kids finally went to school! Grace is in 3rd grade and loves her teacher! Savannah started Jr. High and loves it! She is trying out for the Volleyball team and should find out if she made the team tomorrow! She is pretty excited tryouts have gone really well for her! Derek is a Sophmore and doesn't really like any of his teachers or anything about school except for Football. Which they lost their first game in 4 years tonight! He had a great game! He had a touchdown, caught a great pass and ran for about 2o yards along with a few other catches and had some great tackles! But his team lost 18-24 He was very sad and had swollen eyes when he came home and did not want to talk about the game! Of course when his dad got home then they could talk about it! I think sometimes I frustrate him because I say things like " Why would you ever want to touch the ball everyone tries to kill you!" hehehehe Gotta love Mom's!
Miss Grace - She is so cute!
Savannah was way Nervous!
#85 Derek P.
Here he is making one of his great tackles
He just got tripped!