Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Okay 3 things.......

1. Usually I am the parent yelling YAHOO on this the first day of school.  Today I was sad. Why?  I'm not really sure.  Could be....... my baby started her last year at the elementary school.   Could be ...... I have another senior who just as I am starting to like him again he will leave me and probably go to Utah by everyone else in this family who has left me.

2.  I finally went to the Doctor about my foot (yes my husband) and he gave me a little thing to put in my shoe and it really worked!  YAH for Doctors!  I ran 3 miles today and barely even felt my foot.  The rest of me did not fair as well.....  I haven't run in a month!  It will be good to get back to the gym.

3.  I miss my married girls!  Come home!  Christmas is really too far away before I have my whole family together again!

Grace and Mackenzie ready for school

The group heading off to school


He seriously won't let me take any pictures!  What a goof!  Off to his Senior year!  I love Savvy!  She'll take a picture anytime!!! HAHAHA

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability

Well summer is coming to a close and since I use this blog as a family history I need to catch up on all of the many fabulous things we did besides the wedding in the last month.

Wedding week - We spent some time with cousins at Huntington Beach

We sure love the ocean

Wedding week- we also spent a day with cousins at Disneyland
My cute little Grand children and their first time to Disneyland!

all the Johnson Cousins went to the temple and did baptisms

Grandpa and his Granddaughters

Grandpa and his Grandsons

Wedding week - Also went to the San Diego Zoo

Aunt Jera at the Zoo

Sav took some friends up to lake

Lake time with the Newlyweds

David Surfing

This is how Grace keeps herself entertains herself while everyone surfs & wakeboards....... We call it Monkey girl.

Grace skiing

Derek working the slalom

Grace & Mackenzie

tubing - Lauren looks a little nervous!  Derek does that to her.

My two favorite people!  This summer was good for seeing my grandbabies!
Derek brought his buddy Dane and his little brother Jake up to the lake for the week.  They played about 1 million games of monopoly along with plenty of water sports.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

bit·ter·sweet (btr-swt): adj. Producing mixture of pain and pleasure

Raising children is bittersweet. We want our children to find someone wonderful to share their life and eternity with. But when they do what they have been taught it really tugs at your heart. Today we watched Lauren and David drive off to their new life together. We were both happy and sad. We know they will be successful together. You can't be around them very long and not feel the love they have for each other and see how much fun they make everything. We will miss them. Our family is continually changing. Derek was sitting on the dock today and started saying that this time next year he could be waiting for a mission call! WAIT! WHAT? Where does the time go!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wedding Video

This is so GREAT!  Can't wait to get the whole Movie!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Other things ........ not related to the wedding

Grace turned 10!!!!  We celebrated by going out to lunch at wingers and she got a new bike!  My camera battery was of course dead so we didn't get any pictures! It's sad when your the baby of the family!  She even got a phone call from Lauren & David on their honeymoon!  Things I love about Grace .......
She is always smiling.
She is always doing cartwheels.
She has 1 million friends.
She loves her animals.
She is the best sister.
She loves to cook.
and she is the GREATEST KID!
In other news ........ Savannah made the Freshman Volleyball Team!  Which is pretty great since she didn't even play last year and missed the entire summer when they were all practicing!  She is very athletic and tall!  GO BEARS!
The Biggest news in the family is that Derek at the very last moment .......(Sunday night before 2 a days started)  Decided not to play Football!  (okay I know I shouldn't be so excited!)  He is just going to get ready for Basketball which he loves!  If you remember - last year he did not play even after a lot of pressure from his team and coaches.  So all year they have been talking him into it- he even went to team camp with them this summer.  He was not looking forward to it at all but he didn't want to let his friends and coaches down.  But he really doesn't want to play and he doesn't want to get hurt before Basketball starts.  Now He is so happy and ready to go spend next week up at the lake!  His buddies and his coaches  and many school mates are not so happy about that.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Families are Forever

What a great day!  We feel very fortunate to have been able to witness our 2nd daughter get sealed in the temple for Time and all Eternity.  I remember when Lauren was born holding her and looking at her and just hoping her life would be filled with happiness and success.  Saturday when I saw her kneeling across the alter from her true love - That memory came back to me!  She was a very happy bride!  I tell my children all the time the Key to happiness - is to only worry about things that have eternal consequences and with everything else just do your best and let it go.  She must have been listening!
We are excited to officially welcome David into our family!  It was great to meet so many family and friends who know him so well and told us what a great man our daughter married! 
We had over 75 family members there to help us celebrate!  To be surrounded by so many loved ones who took the effort to come from all over was so fun!  WE LOVE OUR FAMILIES!   Below are just some of the snapshots from the day!  Can't wait to get the Professional ones!
Addison Clapping for the newlyweds

They love her!


some of the Johnson Cousins

some of the flower girls

I love these goof balls!

Some of the Penningtons

It was a beautiful Day

Mother and Father of the Bride

Family Photo

they love their brother!

Jackie and Weston

They were getting tired

Have some cake David!

1st Dance

Coke bottle vases that said Mr. and Mrs. Parker

One of the tables before the reception started

Lauren and some of her flower girls

Her BFF from BYU gave a toast with Sparkling cider

David's BFF giving a toast

charlee and grace toasting

What a great day!