Saturday, April 26, 2008

JR. MISS Parade

This was the first of MANY parades for Lauren this summer because she was a finalist in the Jr. Miss Pagent. The little girls got to be in this parade they loved it! The parade theme was Blue jeans and cowboy dreams. So the little girls had shirts that said Future Jr. Miss and passed out Candy along the parade route and the 3 Jr. Miss girls waved from the back of the truck - they got lots of WOO HOO and lots of little girls waving to them. It was fun but cold only 50 degrees!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Modeling Career begins!

This came in the mail today! Grace was looking through the mail and said - Hey that's Lauren - And she was right! So much for Medical school she's going to be America's Next Top Model. She is the pictures on both sides not the one on top with the lake.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Volleyball Season Comes To An End

Here is Savannah's Volleyball Team. The team didn't do so well this year. Alot of new players but Savannah did great! She was the setter and had a lot of aces this year! It was fun for her to be the star of the team! She is so tall she will be a really good volleyball player!

We had Savannah's Volleyball Party at our house. They ate Pizza and played outside (it was actually nice) her Coach Dave gave them all awards and talked a little about each one of them. He said Savannah was one of his GO TO girls this year, she was one of his most consistant players and she kept him behaving. When he would start to get upset - savannah would always give him that "you shouldn't do that" look and it would make him stop. We Love You Savannah!!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We went for Jackies test yesterday and the CT Scan came back clean! She doesn't have to go for any more tests for 6 months! YAH!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Moscow Jr. Miss

Thanks to all who sent flowers, Text and phone messages! The night was a success. She had to go interview in front of 6 judges in the afternoon and then compete that night in front of the 6 judges and about 500 people in the auditorium. There were 18 girls competing. They did a fitness routine, Talent - she played the piano, answer a question and an academic judging from your transcripts. She did very well in all categories. She won the Interview category and was chosen 2nd alternate. She earned $1000 in scholorship money. She was doing so well in all categories I am sure I was the only mom saying " If she wins this I am going to kill her!!!" She got the perfect spot - she won some money, she has to do some local parades and other things but not too much! YAH!!! We were really proud of her she did a great job!