Wednesday, January 30, 2013


January has flown by!  It was filled with fun stuff and not so fun stuff.
Our poor baby Addison broke her leg and will be in a spika cast until February 14th

Grace got a makeover and is now an official user of eyeshadow:)

Our Good Friend Noel Randall passed away this last week.  We will miss him!  The  one good thing about funerals is they bring friends and family together!  Our friends the Burnetts came to stay with us to attend the funeral and brought all 6 kids!  They were so cute and fun to catch up with.  This is Lucy and Savannah.

My cute girls at Olive Garden

My Birthday

I had the best birthday this year!  My friend Sarah gave me a cotton candy maker.  I LOVE cotton candy!  It was so yummy and fun.  That is all I ate that day and no I didn't have a headache.  Some people need more sugar than others.  I am that person:)  We also left for hawaii on my birthday!  It was a great trip!  Steve had a conference on Kona.  It had the best snorkeling of any of the islands.  We took Savannah and Grace and really enjoyed ourselves.  We never really found food we liked everything was so fancy.   We would go to bed early - wake up and head to the beach.  We never once turned on the TV in our hotel.  We drank smoothies, paddle boarded, swam and snorkeled everyday.  We even tried ziplining.  It was pretty scary but really fun.  We came home to 13 degrees and snow, snow, snow!  But we love our winters too!  It was a great trip!

On my birthday!

Took a great snorkel trip to Captain cooks monument!  It was incredible snorkeling

our daily spot on the beach:)

The one food we like was bubba gump!  It also had a beautiful view!

Favorite daughter status.  Golfing with dad!

We had the best time with these girls!

Out to dinner

We read so much we had to go buy new books:)


Enjoying our sunday reading

We found the Kona temple

Grace ziplining

Savannah coming in hot!

There were 9 zip lines and one was 1/4 mile long and 4 suspension bridges which were so freaky!

Grace trying to stand up on two surfboards

she did it!

Our hotel had a great bay to play in

Our friends Tim and Pat Greene always come with us when we travel to these meetings!  They are great fun.  Steve golfs with Tim and Pat and I shop and enjoy the beaches

Monday, January 7, 2013

After Christmas fun

We went Skiing after Christmas. It was great weather.  They had just gotten new snow and the weather was not too cold.  We had a great a time and came home in time to celebrate the New Year.  Grace spent it with her friend at their cabin.  Savy went to a Stake Dance.  Justin & Jackie were at the annual Skinner party.  Steve was on call and was very busy so David, I and Lauren went to a late movie.  It was fun.  On New Years I always start cleaning up the Christmas Decorations and EVERYONE including Addison was very sad.  What a bunch of goofs.  Everyone is gone :( the house feels very empty.  We miss everyone and loved all the memories we made!

boys couldn't wait to go when we got thier so off they went night boarding

enjoying the hotel

Love these two!

Steve  & Grace skiing


They loved the snow

last run with these goofs

one of Savy's many hidden talents:)

cleaning up the christmas decorations they wouldn't let me clean up the train.


Christmas was so fun!  Having the grandkids made it so magical.  They loved everything.  Weston would open a present and get so excited.  He was the the cutest.  Addison loved opening presents.  Good thing too because when they finished at our house they had another Christmas over at the Schwartz's.

Christmas Jammies - grandkids already went to bed.  It had been a long day!
Addison and her minnie mouse jammies
Sleeping in the same room!  We switched down to Savannah's room because its bigger.  You have to be careful when you change things people really get concerned. hahaha  But it worked out fine!
Weston loving his toothbrush from Grandma Pat
David got a snowboard and Lauren got an Ipad mini
Derek got a bed.  He was so happy!  hahahaha the joys of living on your own.
I managed to keep this a secret ........ which was not easy.  I made steve his own quilt
He always teases me that he pays for all the fabric but never gets a quilt.  He loved it.

Grandpa Steve made Matching toddler beds for the kids and they LOVED them.

Addison got a princess kitchen and Weston got a Bball hoop
Savy and her new Iphone
Jackie and Grace made an Italian dinner again!  It was so GOOD!
We were joined by the Schwartz family and Gpa & Gma Skinner for  our Christmas  dinner.


We had the greatest Christmas vacation!  Everyone came home and we spent 2 wonderful weeks together!  Here are the pre - Christmas activities.

Had to do Gingerbread house in the dark - power went out in a storm for a while
Everyone loves to look at the blog book for the year

Addi & Weston's first Snowman with Aunt Lauren

Snowman named "Harold"

Winter Formal

Savannah went to the Winter formal with Jake Randall.  They have been friends since they were babies.  They had a great time and danced the night away.   Lots of sparkly dresses.  Also at the Middle school was Spirit week.  Grace and her friends were very spirited.  Made shirts and dressed up everyday.  She is loving all the fun Middle school brings.

Savy and Jake

The big group for dinner.

Dress as your favorite book character day.

Very Excited for a White Christmas!