Thursday, August 30, 2012

1st day of School

And then there were 2.  We only have the two girls left at home now!  It is always an adjustment.  They are great and easy kids so it should be a great year.  Savannah is in 10th grade.  She is working on the School Newspaper and playing JV Volleyball right now.  Here is to another 4.0 year!!!!  Grace started at the Middle School in 6th grade.  She is pretty excited to have a locker and switch classes.  She also is doing gymnastics and volleyball.  So we are off to a busy start!

1st day of school

Savannah and her NEW car!

Grace, McKenna and Ashley off to their first day at the Middle School

Steve helping Grace learn how to do her combination before school starts

UTAH or bust!

Well it finally happened….. summer ended and everyone left for Utah.  Lauren finished her research internship and even had her name included in a research paper for Breast cancer.  We moved Derek into his apartment and get ready for school, helped Lauren and David install a air conditioner so Lauren doesn’t melt and got to visit with Jackie & Justin and the babies!  It was a great week but sad to leave everyone.  Our house is not the same without them.  We came home and painted Derek’s room  pink and tourquoise (yes Laurens wedding colors)  Grace moved in and we now have to 2 guest rooms for anyone who would like to visit!

Derek in his new room.  

Steve and David working on the air conditioner

Lauren's new LOVE:)

A great visit with the little guys!

Oh man we miss these two!

His new college ride

Grandpa is always good for some fun!

These two celebrated 4 years!  Congrats!  They have both graduated, started a beautiful family, Jackie is working as a the PR person for a Developer and Justin got a job as a flight instructor!  Good work you two!

Birthday Girl:)

Grace turned 11.  I know, how does this happen.   I am not a big party thrower like some in my family so I was a little worried she would be disappointed because she had such GRAND ideas!  She had a Outdoor Movie night with her friends.  It was a great success thanks to her creative party sister Jackie!  She made the invites and soda & cupcake covers and all the instructions on how to do everything!  It was a success she had a blast!  Yes I did make those cute cupcakes with lots of encouragement and help from many:)   We finished the celebration up at the lake with the family!   I can't believe my baby is 11.  What a sweet girl she is!  We all adore this kid!  
Thanks to Jackie there was sooo much cuteness at this party!

Pizza and Treats!  Yes I did make those cupcakes!

Grace and all her friends

David and Lauren make EVERYTHING such a great celebration!

I am ordering people around as usual:)  but this was a cute picture of Grace and her Blackberry cobbler.  My kids are not a big fan of cake.

We sure love this kid!

Her favorite spot  - usually singing with gusto what ever song is  playing on those speakers she is in the middle of:)

great outdoor screening of Soul Surfer

of course Derek broke the only rule I set for her birthday!  NO LIVE ANIMALS!  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Favorite Visitors

The Schwartz family came to visit.  Finally!  Jackie and Justin have not been back to lake house since before they were married!  CRAZY!  The babies LOVED it!  We loved having them!  We hate to see them go:( We also got some family pictures taken while everyone was here so hopefully we will post those soon!

Loving Grandpa - they call him BAMPA

Watching Uncle Derek Surf

Jumping off Grace's Favorite Rock

Jackie's Favorite place doing her favorite thing:)

Grace after Family Pics

Teaching the babies about blowing dandelions

Justin Water skiing

Jackie Water skiing

Weston LOVED playing blocks

Playing at the beach

Sweet 16!

Say goodbye to toys and dolls………. Say Hello to boys and cars :)
Savannah turned 16!  I can’t believe how fast that went.  She is getting ready for her first date tomorrow! NO! How can this be happening!  We surprised her with taking some friends up for a day at the lake.  She was so surprised and had a great day!  She is the best kid and we are so proud of her! Happy Birthday Cute Girl!

Man I love this kid!


Cousins Church

It is so hard to have 30 people shower and get ready for church with 3 bathrooms so we had our 2nd annual Cousins Church.  It was mostly reverent! Hahaha  We had some great talks from Uncle Steve and uncle Derek.  All the little kids recited article of  faiths or a scripture.  We had some great scripture skits, an intense game of  gospel family feud – these people are intense – and ended in a ping pong tournament!  But the highlight was hearing a special letter written to the cousins from the missing Missionary cousins!  We loved hearing from them.  We wrote them some great letters I am sure they will enjoy and then had a great Dessert made by Grace and Charlee.  It was a great way to spend our Sunday together  the spirit was there and reminded me again that the only things that really matter in this life is Your family and the Gospel.  

doing the puzzle and playing games

All the cousins - before cousins church

After cousins church  - they got a little wild

Lots of game playing

The BBQ masters

Grandma & Grandpa teaching boston how to gamble!  hahaha

We look forward to the Johnson Family reunion every year!  We had 30 people this year.  There were bodies sleeping in every corner of the lake & guest house!  It was so much fun!  Good thing Families are forever because I want to spend eternity with these people!  We didn’t have the best weather but the kids didn’t seem to mind.  We ate, swam, wakeboarded, surfed, jumped on the tramp, jumped off rocks, jumped of ladders.  They are all related to Terry JohnsonJ Mindy brought her new husband Trevor and it was great to get to know him.  He was a natural with all the water sports – so he fit in well.  We are already planning next year!
catching some rays

Yes Diana is always safe:) only one who follows the life jacket rule

Mindy surfing with Brody!  

Derek catching some air

Cory Keeping up with young kids:)  Then he needed a heating pad for his back!

Watching fireworks

Derek lit probably 1000 sparklers

tubing with the little kids!

These two are nothing but trouble!  Derek was missing Blake and Taylor so he had to beat up on Boston

Tubing with the big kids - only 2 injuries this year!

our attempt at I love you!

Diana relaxing

Hayes taking me for a ride

Grandma & Grandpa enjoying the lake!  They were here for 24 hours!  hahaha Steve flew and got them one day and flew them home the next!  That is the way my dad like to visit!  See everyone and then go home!

View from the deck:)