Monday, October 29, 2007

Derek is 14

Derek's Birthday was on Friday. He is now 14. He also finished up Basketball Tryouts and is on the "A" team again this year. When I went to pick him up he told me he didn't make the team and was messin' with his mom! Boy 14 year olds are really funny! He took a bunch of Friends to the Haunted Palouse. It is a small town about 15 miles away that the whole town is haunted for Halloween they have Tarot card readings, people in scary masks sneaking around behind you and scaring you, 2 really scary spook houses and corn field maze with a guy running after you with a Chain saw! It was really scary and really cold! Then they came home and played Halo for 24 hours! He had his Birthday dinner yesterday - Swiss Steak and Mash potatoes and his favorite dessert Brownie hotfudge cake w/ vanilla ice cream!
Now onto Halloween - Grace can not wait she has marked everyday off the calendar just waiting for the 31st to arrive! I asked Grace this weekend what I could do to be a better mom to her and she thought for a minute and then said "Well you could write notes in my lunch" . That was pretty painless. She is so cute!Waiting in line for the Spook House

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


For family night we carved pumpkins. Grace had been so excited for days that we were going to do it for family night! We cut her pumpkin open and it was rotted out! It was disgusting! I have never seen a pumpkin like that! She kept saying " I thought this was going to be fun but instead my pumpkin is rotted!" The other kids said she could have theres but she had grown attached to the rotten pumpkin - so we cleaned it out and she carved it anyway!

Derek is 14 on Friday! No big plans he is in the middle of Basketball tryouts so he is totally focused on that! Savannah & Steve leave on Friday with the Vandals they play Nevada! Savannah is so excited (she is panicked she might get sick and have to stay home)

I bet you can't guess which one is Dereks

Here is Grace and her rotten pumpkin

Derek really loves pictures! Don't you want a 14 in your house! They are so happy!

Lauren was also disappointed in her pumpkin carving skills. She is quite an artist (didn't really show with the pumpkin)
It is suppose to be Mickey Mouse Trick or Treating (I think she need remedial art classes) Just kidding Lauren!

Finally a happy Pumpkin carver - Everyone should have a savannah in there house!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Derek's team has been undefeated all year. They have had at least a 20 point spread in every game. The championship was tonight and they knew it was going to be tough! The team they were playing was also undefeated. It was a tough game. It was pouring rain, only 40 degrees and the wind was blowing! We had a few turnovers but so did they - the ball was really wet. Derek did great - This season he had a lot of intercetions, tackles and a touchdown pass! Next week starts basketball tryouts! Last year they only lost 1 games (the boys said it was bad referee's.) So we will keep you up to date on the next season! Lauren starts Basketball in 2 weeks so does Savannah - It will keep us out of trouble! Derek & Steve leave tomorrow with the Vandals - they play New Mexico! GO VANDALS!
Score board at the end of game!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Assisi & Perugia

Here are some fun pictures of our poor student having to study so much she has no time for fun! She leaves for Florence on Friday for a Heart of Italy tour. Then in a few weeks she is off to Greece. It is so hard to be in college!
What an incredibly cute suit - it must be Hapari!!!!!
This is the town of Assisi
Black sand beaches at the Mediterean sea!
This is the city of Perugia where they have an incredible chocolate festival - she sent us a package with Dereks birthday present and some sea shells from the sea and some CHOCOLATE!!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Undefeated Football!!!

Derek is # 82 - He is the defensive Captain - this is my favorite part of the game - they march out there all tough - it's so cute!!!!

Tried to get some action shots but not so great at the camera - I will keep working on it!
Here is finally getting to take a drink and watch the game after they were up by 24-0.

Dereks 8th grade football team is still undeafeted - Thursday they had another win to add to the win column. They played Clarkston Jr. High and beat them 24-6. They were undefeated last year and are continuing there traditon of totally overpowering the other team.
Jackie is doing great in Italy and has recently been to the Mediterranean sea where the beaches are black. Savannah & I can not wait to go and visit! I have been reading books and watching movies made in italy and about italy to get ready for our trip! Savannah is reading a novel of a young girl in Venice.
Steve and Lauren went to San Jose to watch the Vandals play this weekend and should be home tonight! They tried to go to Great America last night - but it was closed! So they just went out to dinner and watched a movie