Sunday, November 20, 2011

Truancy at its Finest

Our Elementary School does a race called the Turkey Trot right before the Thanksgiving break - if you have been reading our blog long you can go back to each year in November and get the results.  They put a child from each grade and they race around the playground to a crowd of cheering students and parents and they each get a number of how they finished for their grade and take it back to their team.  They add it all up and Viola..... You have a winner and everyone on the team gets a free turkey.  Well most of my kids LOVED it.  They use to not make everyone be on a team.  If you didn't want to you could just watch but it is no longer a choice!  So Grace did NOT want to participate and so she skipped school.  Lucky duck - on the day she gets to skip school is the first REAL snow fall and she and her friend stayed home and played all day in it!  Like Lauren said "Lucky little Snow Duck!" HAHA 
They actually are called the McDonald Elementary Ducks!