Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well we are out of school for the 5th day this year - 3rd day this week!  One day we went up skiing and it was awesome!!   And my brothers wonder why I was not excited about and Alaskan cruise this summer!   Here are a few pictures to remind you why in the summer I don't need to cruise to Alaska!  We even hook zoey up to the sled and have a dog sled rides! hehehe

Dereks doing his homework after school - we are so proud he learned how to spell his name!

The deck and my hot tub this morning!  Boy that is going to be fun to dig out (again)!  Notice the christmas lights are still up - No chance to take them down yet!

Monday, January 21, 2008


We spent a week on Maui- Steve was attending a meeting and I was just relaxing.  Steve golfed and I played at the spa.  The ocean was incredible!  I love the ocean!   We went on a whale watching trip and saw humpback whales jumping out of the water it was really fun!  Got to eat out and lay around on the beach!   It was really fun!  The kids did great they stayed with Steve's mom and dad.  We came home to highs of 23 and about 2 feet of snow!   But I just close my eyes and hear the ocean and look at my fading sunburn and it keeps me warm as I shovel the snow off the drive way!  
This is our Friends  Tim & Pat Greene who are retired so we always drag them along to our warm destinations so Steve has a golf partner and I have a spa partner.  They are great fun!
Steve's brother Don and wife Dee-Anna who were also at the meeting

Steve playing in the ocean!   The waves were huge!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I got a new Job!!

I had my interview today and was offered the job by the Make A Wish foundation to be a wish granter for my area!  My kids are so excited!  I now have the coolest job in the world!  It is a volunteer position so I will get to choose how much time I spend.  They will totally work around my schedule.  I go to Wish Granting school the end of January!  

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Trip to Oregon

We had a great Trip to Oregon. We stayed up on the Mountain at my dads house!  Friday, My Derek got to ski with his cousins and Uncle Derek while the rest of us went bowling with the Pennington cousins and Johnson cousins.  Saturday we had a birthday for Cassidy and Gavyn with the Penningtons and got to visit with Grandma & Grandpa Green!  We went back to Grandpa Johnsons and met my Nephew Ben's fiancee Jacquie!  She was great!  How fun to start adding to our family.  Sunday after church we went and visited Grandma Pennington!  I was so sad when I came home and our picture we took did not turn out!   we spentthe rest of the day  with my dad and some old friends the Robinsons with their cute little girls!  It was a great visit.  We came home and then left for another few days of skiing!  

Grace and Hailey set up a CAFE in Grandma Madges basement with all kinds of candy and treats.  This is Grandma enjoying the CAFE.
Grandpa took Savannah and Mitchell on a Garbage run - My favorite was when savannah came running through the door saying "I always wanted to jump out of a moving car and Grandpa let me do it!"  Leave it to Dad to help the kids achieve their dreams!
Grace & Aaron in the Hot tub at Grandma Pat and Grandpa Jerrys

These boys are too handsome for there own good!