Friday, January 13, 2012

Sweet P.

This last birthday wasn't one to really blog about.  We were traveling home from Utah and I was SOOOOOOO sick.  Not fun, not fun at all.  I was laying across seats in the airport, making sure I was always close to a bathroom.  Finally made it home just in time to take a bath and GO TO BED.  I didn't get out of bed for 2 days.  But there is a story I couldn't forget about my sweet little Grace P. 
She has a hard time being the little one because she always wants to do GRAND gestures for people but doesn't always have the resources or abilities to accomplish them.   So on my birthday she was already feeling so sad because no one reminded her it was my birthday or took her shopping for a present AND I was sick.  So when we finally got home I probably wouldn't appreciate her making me a cake.  But she found a way to make my Birthday VERY special. 
During our layover in Phoenix, while I was laying again on the airport seats waiting to board our flight, I gave Grace and Savannah some money to get some food.  Grace came back without food but a little package wrapped in a paper sack and card.  She had spent her money in the gift shop:) She bought me a little souvenir from Arizona!  HAHAHA  I love that kid! She keeps telling me she is sorry for not getting me anything good!  That little desert snowglobe is probably one of my most treasured possesions:)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year.......New Life

My little sister Mindy got married this last weekend to Trevor Ashdown.  He became a husband and father to my sister's three children.  The kids LOVE him.  I am sure it will be an adjustment for him, but he seems up for the task.  The day did not start out so great.  Her 6 year old son was throwing up and the lights we had put up the night before were falling down AND she forgot the ring. HAHAHA But she was pretty calm through all of it! Everything turned out Beautiful.  I love seeing my sisters happy!  It was so great to see so much family!
My sister's new family

Cute cousins

I LOVE my grandchildren!!!!

I love my sisters!  This time one sister left on a honeymoon and another left to NYC so my baby sister shannon and I just stayed up really late EVERY night just laughing and she got me hooked up on Instagram!  HAHA

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

request a DO OVER.......

I LOVED this Christmas Holiday! Could we please do it again! All my kids and grandkids were home and we had the BEST time! We ate tons of food, played lots of games (new favorite is Balderdash), shopped, worked (Steve took David to work a few days), Basketball, dartgun fights, movies and just really enjoyed each other.
Grace waited for Lauren to make the gingerbread house because Lauren LOVES to do everything that is associated with the Holidays!

They wanted to help David feel at home so they dedicated the gingerbread house in his honor. GOOF BALLS!

Addison and Weston love playing the piano

Addison loves to help Grandma do EVERYTHING!

Jackie with the help of Grace made us a 7 course Italian dinner for Christmas - they had to start a few days ahead making all the preparations

Home made pasta!  YUM  I don't have pictures of the dinner but it was DELICIOUS!

Annual Christmas Eve Movie goers!   Movies this year were Chipmunks and Sherlock

Christmas Eve at the Mosmans was again Fabulous!  I love the punch but this year Kim also made Cotton Candy ...... I think my new favorite!

Yep - they are still very much in love and goofy!  And WE LOVED having them home!

Christmas Eve Jammies!  Some of our Christmas Eve traditions are to write down in card what our present to Jesus will be for the year and put it on the tree.  We use the same card and add the year and what you will give.  It is always fun to look at back at what you have given in years past.   We also read the Christmas Story out of the Scriptures.  This year Instead of reading out of the Scriptures, Steve had each of us take part of the Nativity and see what we could learn about each person and share it.  It was really insightful to hear all that everyone had learned. 
Lauren can not miss out on family traditions, so since David is such a good sport, they slept with the other kids on Christmas eve! 

The Cute Schwartz family on Christmas morning!

David and Lauren gave Grace a GIANT bear.  Addison and Grace love to snuggle on that ENORMOUS animal!

BEST part of Christmas!

New Years Eve we had a Just Dance Tournament but I can't remember who the winner was because there was a little bit of controversy and I don't think our bracket was very good,  HAHAHA

I barely made it to the gym because I just wanted to stay home every morning and love these little cuties!

Had to document the many early morning basketball practices both Sav and Derek had during the holiday!

and last but not least DEREK GOT HIS BRACES OFF!  YAH!!  He was so happy he even let me take a picture!