Thursday, December 31, 2009


We went down to Boise for the Humanitarian Bowl. Steve is the Team doc and we decided to go along. Derek and Steve were so excited for a bowl game - me , I would have been more excited if we would have been able to go some where cool - NOT BOISE! Jackie and Justin drove up to meet us and it turned out to be great fun! The Vandals had an incredible win in the last 30 seconds of the game and we were there to enjoy it! We were a little frozen by the end but we warmed up pretty fast with that great finish! If you didn't get to see it - turn on ESPN they keep showing it! HA Great way to start the NEW YEAR!! We are off to dinner and movie for New Years Eve! Maybe even get to bed before midnight - that is my favorite tradition! Yep - you think we got special treatment - NO those are our seats way up in the nosebleeds! I guess thats what you get when you get FREE tickets! HA
Our band before the game spelling IDAHO! It was like a home game so many Vandal fans!
Everyone rushing the field after the win! That blue field has never looked so good as it did after we won and had so much black and gold on it!
Here we are after the game
We had a Fabulous Christmas! Jackie and Justin made it home just in time to spend Christmas eve with us! We went to see the Chipmunks and then over to our Neighbors for a fabulous meal as always and my favorite punch! I look forward to it all year and drink about 2 gallons! It was great to stay in our pjs all day and just play with all our toys and enjoy each others company! The whole crew after the nativity!
Christmas Eve PJS!
We love having Laur P home!
Grace gave the best presents! Lauren & Savannah got Bean bag chairs - Not sure how Lauren will take her bean bag on the airplane! Maybe that was Grace's plan she will hold on to it until Lauren comes home this spring! HA
Steve and Grace working out the Ipod touch that grace LOVES! and notice the big TV in the back! It was a GREAT Christmas!
Derek getting some love from the Big Sis
And some more love! Maybe this is why he is such a tease!
Grace and Derek got mini remote cars they were racing around
Mario and luigi!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Vacation

As soon as Derek had a break in Basketball we left for a few days of Skiing! We had a great time! We missed our Dad who was hard at work supporting our expensive habits! It was a great way to start off our Christmas Vacation!
Christmas at Schwietzer Mtn.!
Our legs were so tired after the 1st day! It was so nice to relax in the Hot tub!
Grace Jumping in the pool!
Laur P. - Grace is right behind in the Blue
Derek and Grace! She did so good going down the blue's!
Savannah snowboarding!
Derek P
- Grace and I spent most of the day together the other kids went to the black diamonds at the top and the favorite quote of the day was from Derek when he was trying to take lauren down what she said was a cliff to her death "It's really not as bad as it looks!" HA
Lauren and Annie - Together at Last! They really missed each other!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Basketball Season 2009

Basketball Season is upon us! Savannah is in her AAU season to get ready for School ball which will start after Christmas! She has had just one tournament and they did okay! But she is getting better and better and she is growing so she should have a great school season! Derek started a few weeks ago and is off to a great start! He had 22 points in his last game! He averages about 10 points every game so that was a great game! He was pretty happy!Savannah with her Defense face on! I didn't get very many good pictures at her tournament because the gym was so dark but we will have more when school ball starts after Christmas!
Derek with his Mad offensive skills
I thought you would all enjoy this one! It is so hard when you are trying to watch the game and take pictures! I got a little excited and forgot I was taking a picture! HA But there is his head!
Another Great shot showing his shooting skills

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Formal

Derek got asked to the Girl ask Guy Winter formal. He went with Jennifer Hansen. They looked so nice and had a great time! He is so funny about pictures! What a goof! I hope his pictures at the dance turned out better!