Thursday, February 28, 2008

Girls Basketball

Grace had her last basketball game last night. She had 3 jump balls, a rebound and she was the point guard so she got to dribble down the court after the other team made a basket. It was really fun to watch her this year learn how to play . She has seen enough of her siblings games to know what was going on. Savannah also had a game. Her team lost but they did alot better than the last time they played this team. I can't even count how many jump balls Savannah caused and she had a great basket. She has a basketball tournament and a volleyball tournament this weekend. Derek also has a basketball tournament this weekend. Grace and her friend Kindra
Grace warming up - Great Shot!
Savannah steeling the ball from the other team
Savannah and her team after the game.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Jackie's birthmonth is over! She seems to drag her birthday out all month. She had a party with a Hunk of the Month contest and pizza & cake. It was fun to have her and 50 of her closest friends (not an exaggeration) over at the house! She is so fun! Lauren also had her Sadies dance tonight - she went as barbie and her date was ken. My little girls were of course in the middle of all the fun! Derek on the other hand was no where to be found!
Flava Flav & New york - Barbie & Ken
Jackiepalooza in full swing!

And here is our Birthday girl a Big 20

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Presidents Day!

We took advantage of the day off and went skiing.  It was beautiful!  30 degrees and the sun was out!  Savannah learned how to snowboard and did really good.  Grace went down a blue for the first time!  She had only been on the bunny hill with the slow chair lift.  She was so funny after lunch and we were getting ready to go skiing again she pointed to the quad (chair lift) and said "I want to go on that ride again!" Derek and I were cracking up!  She put her hands High in the air like she was on a roller coaster!   She loved the fast chair lift!  We went with my niece Chantel and her fiance Dean.   Chantel was so good about teaching Savannah how to snowboard!   This is when we love that we live in ALASKA!  
Everyone right after lunch

This is the fast Chair lift Grace Loved & the end of a beautiful day!
Grace skiing down the Bunny hill
Savannah Snowboarding

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day!

This is the picture the kids took for Steve's Birthday
Savannah put it in a frame for his Stake Presidents office

We had our traditional valentines day - We set the table with candles and heart plates and everyone gets their own personal pan pizza.  Steve feels like he should be the best valentine for his girls.  So he gives all the girls a charm for their bracelets. He gives them each year something to remember the year by.   Until they get married and have thier own valentine.  He had been doing it for about 7 years now.  This year he gave

 Grace - Two people riding a ski lift, because she became such a good skier this year.
Savannah - Eiffel tower, because of her trip to Europe.
Lauren - a Surfer, because she was the first to surf behind the boat.
Jackie - A gondola , because Venice was her favorite place in Italy.
Me - a speed boat, because I am wicked good (teenage talk) at driving the boat.

Derek of course does not have a bracelet  I get to give him a valentine and so he just got some boring ol' game for the xbox called ROCK BAND!!!!   The kids love it!   It is so fun.  They played it all night.  Savannah is really good on Vocals!  
Now we are off and running for the weekend.  Derek has a Basketball Tournament in Walla Walla Washington. So we are there tonight and tomorrow.