Saturday, August 31, 2013

1st day of school

Summer flew by!  We had such a great summer so it makes it really hard to go back to a schedule and homework!  Savannah started her Junior year of Highschool and is doing great in North Dakota and made the Volleyball team.  And Grace started 7th grade and made the A team for volleyball so we will have some games coming up soon!
She's a Rough Rider this year instead of a Bear

1st day of 7th grade with her bestie

Birthday in NYC

My baby turned 12!  So in Pennington family tradition she had a 12 year old trip.  She went with her cousins to NYC.  We left on Thursday and came home on Sunday.  We packed everyday to the fullest!  The trip stared out with a limo ride from the airport!  We didn't tell the kids and they were so excited when it parked in front of us and we told them that was our ride!  On her birthday she went with her cousins and did Baptisms in the Manhatten Temple.  That was really cool.  Then off to China town to do some shopping and then dinner and Time square.  The next day we started off with the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty then went to the 9/11 memorial, the broadway show wicked on actual Broadway and then biking in central park and dinner again in Time square.  We had the best time!  We sure love this Birthday girl!
Started the day before with a birthday lunch with her be sties

On our way to NYC

Limo ride 

This is how you ride in style

NYC Temple

It's just in the middle of Manhattan 

Great way to spend your 12th Birthday

enjoying the sights with her cousin Cade

Now that is some candy!

Time Square

We love Hot Tamales

Statue of Liberty

Staton Island Ferry

Turtle ring bought in China Town

9/11 memorial.  So beautifully done

WICKED on Broadway!

here is the crew

Just riding bikes in Central park

DC cupcakes

Man baby in Time Square

Bye NYC we will miss you!

And then there was one

Savannah left for North Dakota so we are left with one child.  It is pretty quiet!  The puzzle is finally done - only a few missing pieces due to having grandchildren :)   Grace spends lots of time with her new sibling (the puppy) and she has too sleep in our room at the lakehouse because there is no one to sleep with.  This is going to be a hard adjustment :(

Pennington Family Reunion

We had a much smaller group for the Pennington Family Reunion.  It was so fun!  Jackie and the kids came back up!   Dean and Chantel brought cute little colton.  Grandma and Grandpa Pennington and Jera all joined us.  It was a very relaxing  and fun week!  Jera was training for a triathalon so she kept busy running, biking and swimming.  
Early Birthday present from Gma & pa

this is how Hercules copes with all the boating

Such a fun toy

playing with the little kids at the beach

reading books with Great Grandma

Helping Aunt Jera with her training


Grandpa and Paden


I have resisted all the pleas for many years but with Grace about to be an only child I got talked into letting her have a puppy.  So we picked up Hercules while at the wedding and flew home with him to Idaho.  He is a little Beagle puppy.   Grace is in love!

Garrett's Wedding

My Nephew Garrett got married in Arizona this weekend!  Boy was it hot!  It turned out so nice.  It was so fun because Victoria had come to the family reunion so we all knew her.   We have had a great Johnson family summer!  We saw everyone every few weeks!  We also got to spend the evening with Steve's brother Phil and sister Jera.  That was really fun!  Wish I had a picture of Uncle Phil and Heidi's dance off!  hahaha that was fun
Addison and Weston playing with Heidi

The newest Newlyweds!

All the Johnson Cousins in attendance

Yep that says at 4:45 it was 106 degrees

My cute brothers

The reception was so beautiful

my cute sisters

Savannah Turns 17

Savannah is now 17!  Wow!  Where does the time go!  She is such a great kid we all love her to death!  She is getting ready to for a new adventure too - She is going to spend a semester in North Dakota with Lauren and David.  She is going to be a junior and wants to see what it is like at a school with 2000 kids.  We call it her study abroad to North Dakota:)  We will miss her!
Birthday Dinner at Texas Roadhouse

Derek got her this cat shirt for her birthday!  hahaha And she wears it everywhere!

Moving to North Dakota

We had just a few days after the reunion to play with David and Lauren before they start their new adventure in North Dakota.  David is starting Medical School.  We will miss them!
Grace so bored with all the cousins gone she was trying to balance on the seadoo

just catching up on lake time

Grace and David were trying to make the tube fly

David shaved his beard and left a mustache!  hahaha  He only kept it for a few days
Off they go!  We will miss those cuties!