Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prom & Mini meet

This weekend was a busy one! Grace had a gymnastics Mini meet and Lauren had her Senior Prom. I realized last night as Lauren was getting ready -and we had made NUMEROUS attempts to fix her dress so it would be modest(er), getting all the necessary equipment to make cute hair, find jewlery and shoes - My next 3 years will be DEREK!! Yah for Tuxes and shirts and ties!!!!!!!
Lauren and Annie
Lauren & her date Spencer - The boys all thought she
was the nicest date to let Spencer get a white tux
The whole crew! They went to the golf course over in pullman for dinner and then Prom. After prom a friend of theirs is a manager for the Movie theater and he had all his friends for a Midnight showing of Monsters and Aliens! They all had a great time! One more senior thing off the list!
Savannah was very helpful when I was getting things ready for the pictures - I needed a subject to practice on the settings!! Isn't she the cutest! 3+ years before she can date!! YAH!!!!
Grace doing her Beam routine - Look how high she jumps!
Grace doing her Bar routine!
Grace accepting her ribbons - 3 white and 1 red - she will have another mini meet the end of May - she is hoping to get all red and maybe a blue!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cancer Free + New Truck + Old Friends = Great Weekend

Jackie had her Tests on Friday and they came back ALL CLEAR! YAH!!! She doesn't go back for 6 more months! I am a stress eater and so ------ I have been shoving food in my face uncontrolably for 2 weeks now. So hopefully this week I can get it under control! I think I will try Shannons - No Sugar week! Maybe I'll make it to Tuesday! hehehhe ( I am such a diet flunky) Derek also had a big weekend! He got his first car! He home teaches this great older couple who are selling thier house and moving closer to thier kids . It is really sad we have Steve has been thier home teacher since we moved here! Well they needed to sell thier truck - which is in great condition - not very many miles on it - it has just sat in thier garage for the last 10 years! So they sold it to Derek - he is now working hard on our Christmas Tree farm to pay it off! He is so excited - he has lots of plans for his new truck!
We also had our Friends the Skinners come to visit this weekend! We love to see them! The kids all got to play with thier friends and they are gone already! It makes us excited for the summer when they come back for longer!!!
We had Stake Conference this weekend and it was great! I now have an even longer list of things I need to do! But now I am deteremined to get some of those things done!-

"Make the Best of things in the Worst of Times" new favorite quote from our Stake conference!
Here is the new Truck
He still doesn't like pictures - even when he is excited!
Jackie, Grace & Justin - planting an Herb garden - Grace is our Green thumb in the family!
Savannah and her BESTEST BUDS! Katelyn & Elizabeth
Grace and her Bestest Bud Kindra! It was so fun to have them visit this weekend!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Our kids are getting older so Easter morning is not quite the same! I heard of families who hide money in the eggs - that gets all the teenagers more excited - I may have to adopt that! Grace was the only one up early to get her Easter Basket! Lauren and Steve spoke in church - it was really nice to have Steve in our ward for a change! They both did a great job! I love Easter Sunday! The Primary room was decorated like the garden tomb and we went through the life of christ and even rolled the stone away from the tomb and they all got to look inside and it was empty! It was really cool - the kids were so into it! I miss the YW but I sure love Primary!!
It was a nice day - no Snow! It is so fun to spend sundays together. Our friends the Monsons came with there girls - Thank goodness! Grace had a lot more fun with them - We hunted eggs in the back yard and had a great Ham dinner! Then we just visited for the rest of the afternoon! It is always good to have a sunday before you start the Week!
Easter - girls were so happy - Derek not so happy - doesn't really like to take pictures!
Lauren decided to do something about the non-smiler - picture wrecker!!!
She is starting to loose the physical battle - but notice there is a smile!

This is how it ended - Derek wins all physical
matches in this house! But I can tell you he was smiling! hehehhe
Finding Eggs - Notice NO SNOW! YEAH!
Trees are still bare but no snow!All the girls after the egg hunt

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Before Easter

I thought I better hurry and post this last week before Easter comes! It has been a busy week! We colored eggs on Monday, Justin started our Christmas Tree farm, Lauren got asked to prom, Derek played about 100 hours of basketball, Savannah and I went to a wedding in Portland (our niece Makayla got married in the portland temple) and we caught the new Hannah Montana movie!
Here is the group decorating the Easter eggs! Lauren was a little excited!
Can you guess who did this egg?
(it says Zac Efron is soooo Hott!)
Yep - your right - Savannah!
Lauren made an Easter Egg in honor of
Randall Hansen who is serving a mission in Spain!
She is so funny!
Savannah with Grandma & Grandpa Pennington
Aunt Jera and Savannah
The newest Newlyweds - Makayla and Collin Farmer
Lauren got asked to prom by this really
cute boy named Spencer
- He made her a cake and she had to eat it to find out
who it was that was asking her to Prom.

It was a Mystery for quite a while!!
Lots of Papers with No name!

Grace was a trooper and kept right on eating until we solved the Mystery!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conference Weekend

We had a great weekend! The sun started shining and melting the snow away! YAH!! Steve finished his test on Friday, Lauren & Derek had dances, Lauren had a tennis match and Grace found a new pet (a worm - named wormy). We love to stay home and watch conference! I think every talk was for me this year! I now have a list of things I need to work on! It should be a good week for weather - sunny and in the 50's all week! YAH for SPRING!
This is our little creek behind our house (not so little with all the snow melting)
Lauren and her friends on their way to the Highlighter dance - it was a dance with black lights and they wrote with Highlighters all over there shirts. They love it when they get to make shirts!! hehehhee

Lauren played #1 Doubles and they did great! 6-0,6-2

Derek and Aaron on there way to FROSH (freshman prom)
Grace and her new pet Wormy - she found at Laurens tennis match
Every conference I make a huge breakfast for the morning session and then for the afternoon session I ask everyone for there favorite food and we a buffet of favorites! It is our favorite way to celebrate conference!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Laurens Part time job - JR. MISS

Lauren finished up Jr. Miss! Since she was 2nd alternate last year she had a pretty big part in the Program this year. Everytime she would go to a practice she would give herself a pep talk and say it was like her part time job! She earned $1000 in scholarships - so thats a pretty good part time job! She had to play the piano as filler time while the judges were making there decisions. She also had to present awards and be in a forget-me not- dance -(pretty funny!) We are so glad to have that behind us! The senior year is starting to rev up! Mr. MHS was last night - she was an escort for Spencer. The rest of the Senior year will go really fast!
Here is our little Beethoven
Lauren giving the Interview award to the new girl