Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It all started with a KISS

We have been blessed through out our lives to have the greatest of friends!  Two of my friends (Ricki & Sarah) threw a Bridal shower for Lauren last night and it was a full house with so many of our  friends!  It was so fun!  David even skyped in for a game where Lauren was asked questions and David had to guess what she would answer.  It was really fun because not very many of our friends have met David.  He was a great sport! Lauren got soooo many LOVELY gifts from soooo many LOVELY friends!  She just had the greatest time!

Filled up the house!

Skyping in for the party!  I love technology!
Favorite gift of the night!  Poptarts and Chocolate milk so David won't starve to death!  HAHAHA

Our Adopted Grandma Carma!  We were so happy she could make it!

Lauren and some of her girlfriends!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bring on the Sunscreen.......finally

Okay.....could be a little premature.  The high today was 70 (sad we were soooo hot!), water temp was 58 (did not feel good!) But we put the boat in and opened up the lakehouse! Woot! Woot!   Savannah, Grace and Steve all braved the elements and did a little swimming. The term swimming used loosely with water temp so low, hypothermia symptoms come on quickly. HA   Northern Idaho has had the LONGEST winter!  So even 70 seemed so lovely!  But we are hoping by putting in the boat and putting on the swimming suits that summer will now come!

view from the front deck

1st time out in the boat for the year - Yes that is Grace with a blanket, but you do what you have to do to start summer.  Lauren sporting a lovely Swim Sweatshirt (sad there could actually be a market for that here in Northern Idaho! ha)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


 Derek's Varsity Basketball team played in a tournament this last weekend in Boise.  It is a great tournament because they see a lot of the teams that they will face at State this coming year.  The Boys did Great!  They took 2nd place and Derek got the MVP award.  He played great! Scored ALOT!  It is really fun to watch these boys.  They have been playing basketball together since 4th grade.  They are working hard this summer and besides taking over the NBA they want to win State this year. 
 The boys have been riding in the Team bus (15 passenger van) for many years!  Pam (the driver) is a saint to always drive the boys to the tournaments!  They are getting so big there isn't much room like there use to be.
A little back heavy!  HAHAHA

Grace swimming in the pool

Sav and Kennedy enjoying the sun in between games.

4th grade

Crazy how fast time flies!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Through the eyes of a mother

Mother's see their children not as they are but what they will become.

Lauren went to the temple this weekend to receive her endowments. It was so wonderful! Jackie drove up on Wednesday to be here for her little sisters big day which is really great because when she comes she brings the two peanuts with her! David and his parents made the long trip north to join us in the temple also!
While I was sitting in the temple in the middle of my girls a song kept running through my head ......

Am I teaching my daughter of Esther and Ruth.
That there is beauty in virtue and comfort in truth.
like Heleman's warriors will her victory be
through the things that she learned at her mother's knee.

The months and the Years slip so quickly away.
She's becoming right now what she'll be someday.
Today she's a child but tomorrow she's grown.
Will she know how to lead a child of her own.

So quickly, so quickly they grow then there gone
does she have courage and vision to see
for their failures and triumphs so often depend
on the faith that they learned at their mother's knee.

I was so touched and so pleased to have two of my children in the temple with me.  What a wonderful thing to know they are living their lives in such a way that they are worthy to be in the temple.  What great examples they are to their siblings and cousins!  We are so lucky that our daughters have chosen such good men to spend their lives with.  Men that will take them to the temple and just really adore our daughters.   Steve even said he kinda felt sorry for Savannah and Grace because it will be really hard to find someone that will measure up to the two son in laws we have.

My two girls

I am so excited for these kids!
The greatest thing about Jackie are these little cute guys she brings with her!

Weston hanging out with his mama

The cat LOVES addison!

She really does love the cat!   It is always attacking her!

Friday, June 3, 2011

A new blogger in the family

The soon to be Parker family started their own blog.  Be sure to check out the tab "her side"  She tells her story of how Prince charming came to her rescue.  (but in smart chemistry talk)  You will really enjoy it!