Monday, December 29, 2008

Winter in Alaska!

We decided to get a blade for our 4 wheeler and good thing too - it has snowed everyday! Our deck was so full of snow we had to get it off before the next round comes! Needless to say - it looks like winter in Moscow! We are glad for all the snow now - we are off to ski for the next few days! Lots of powder! YAH!!!
We have already shoveled this Deck twice this week!

Steve & Grace shoveling the deck
Steve and his new toy!
He was having so much fun he did the entire neighborhood!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

Christmas Eve we take all the Mosman kids (our neighbors) to a movie and then go to their house for a Fabulous Dinner and a Nativity play. We then come home and open Christmas Eve Presents Which this year surprisingly was PJS! We give a gift to Christ - we write something we are going to work on this year in a Christmas card - like pay a full tithe, be kind to my brothers & sisters and so on - we put these on the tree and they get packed away and we open them the next year! We had a little sparkling cider and Grace put the cookies for Santa down by the fireplace. Jackie and Justin slept upstairs in Savannahs room and the rest of the kids slept in Graces room! They were up at 6:00 to see what Santa Brought and open presents! It was such a great day! We watched movies, played, took a nap, Derek & Steve went and played basketball with some friends and had a nice Prime Rib dinner with the Missionaries. Grace made a birthday cake for Desert to celebrate Jesus' birthday! It snowed all day and we just stayed inside nice and warm!!

Derek was Joseph this year - Isn't he a handsome Joseph!shepherds, wisemen, angels & All

The kids & Steve waiting for Jackie & Justin to come home for Christmas Eve

Christmas PJS - Derek giving his sister lots of love - isn't he sweet!
Jackie skiing on the Wii Fit

Steve with his Present from Jackie - Pictures of her growing up & a Wedding picture!Derek gave Grace a necklace with a big heart and little heart - he said the big heart was the big brother heart and the little heart was the little sister heart! she loved it so much she ran over to him and hugged him!

Jackie & Justin their first Christmas together
Savannah & Grace with Sing it -xbox
I got a new Camera - Look I made Lauren Disapear

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow, Snow & more SNOW!!

Okay - 2 weeks ago we were really sad because there was no snow!! None of the ski resorts had opened and we were afraid that we would not have a white christmas! WELL - it has snowed non-stop for 2 weeks -the resorts are of course open - which we are really glad - but could it stop!!!!!
Grace and Ashley out sledding
Sure is pretty
Pictures courtesy of Tami Hansen

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Derek got his license today! CRAZY!! He took his drivers test in a snow storm - I guess he might as well learn how to drive in it since it is just the beginning of winter around here! He is off with Savannah to Baskin & Robbins - in Laurens car - she is not that happy about that!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Our own little MARY

Lauren was Mary at our ward Christmas Breakfast and her buddy Spencer was Joseph- The seminary students put on our program! Probably the last Ward Christmas Breakfast for Lauren from now on she will be gone - college! Boo Hoo - I hate Senior years!!!! The Primary Children were suppose to sing and Grace was going to have NO part in that - she said she was going to go to the bathroom right before they were going to sing! (another Derek on my hands!)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

18 yrs old

I can't believe 18 yrs ago I was blessed with another little girl! I was so excited to have a 2nd daughter - I love my sisters - and I wanted my daughters to have the same thing! I love Lauren - she brings so much life to our family! She loves her family, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents so much! She is a very thoughtful person! She has been known to write letters to great grandparents, drop off things at school for her siblings and is always thinking of ways to show her love for people! She is always for the underdog! She is not afraid to tell you her opinion! She is one of only a few conservative kids in her highschool and she stands up for what she believes everyday! She is an excellent student! Very gifted in Math - as a Senior in High School she is taking Calculus III at the college level at University of Idaho. She hopes to follow in her dads footsteps and go to Medical school and be a Cardio Thorasic Surgeon - Which I have no doubt she could do! She is an incredible kid and we will really miss her when she goes to college! Happy Birthday Lauren - We love you!!!

We got her 18 presents for her 18th Birthday!
Grace was so excited for her to open her present! (Juicy Sweatsuit!)
I know, Grace gives really nice presents
all the kids right before opening presents! We get up at 6:00 am around here for scriptures & family prayer, before the high school kids go off to early morning seminary! Painful, I know!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

People make the Difference

I know I ask for lots of help on all my many projects - here is some updates!

The official count for Make a wish & Macys right now is $392,721! Thanks to all those who went to schools and had family and friends write - keep up the good work - the campaign goes until christmas!!!

Also Thanks to all those who donated White Shirts, Ties & socks for the missionaries in Latin America - Derek helped me box them all up and we had 2 FULL boxes of donations!

And Thank you to everyone who helped out with the Quilts for Tucson village - they are all finished and we are sending them to Peru with the December expedition!

It has been so great to see so many people volunteer time and money on all these worth while projects! We feel so blessed to be surrounded by such giving people!!! Because of your service many people will feel loved and cared for!! I am trying to teach my children by all these projects that one person can make a difference! What they have learned is that one person with a lot of friends can make a difference! What a great lesson to learn! Surround yourself with good people who know that "the most important things, are not things" Thank you for your great example of a giving spirit!

Derek with a Stack of White shirts!
Lots and lots and lots of ties!
50 quilts were made and tied since we got home in June! The people in that little village of Tucson(look back at our June posts from Peru) will be so happy to recieve these!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Little Monkey on the Roam - Jenks

This is a friend of ours!! Derek Disney channel should pick him up!!!!! could you get on that! If any of you are interested for Christmas he has the greatest CD - with some of Graces favorite songs on it. Look up

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas 2008

We finally got the decorations out! I tried to prepare the teenagers for days - that I was expecting their participation on the little tree downstairs with the homemade ornaments and special ornaments people have giving them. They were REAL happy! Grace on the other hand LOVED it and helped me to the very end! I love having a 7 year old!
Steve and Grace putting up the outside lights - notice NO SNOW!!! We are very sad! We really want to get skiing!
Savannah has truely crossed over to the dark side - this is her while we were putting the tree together - She use to love it!Finally a little Christmas spirit!
Derek the train master - it goes under the tree!

Steve and I got this tree the first year we were married and it shows! But we can't get rid of it - the kids love it!

This is the nice tree upstairs - with (as Grace calls them) "The Fancy" ornaments - She was the best helper!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Horseback riding

I forgot to download the pictures from my other camera and found these! With all the fun we had in Maui, I forgot we were on Oahu first - the U of I football team played Hawaii. Grace and I rode horses on the beach! We missed you Aunt Laurel - It is usually you who does the horse riding! Maybe this summer when we go back!!Savannah full of her self expression!!
Grace riding Mauna
It was so beautiful! I was behind Grace so most pictures are of her back!
The end of the trip! Grace loved it!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in Hawaii

We had a great time in Hawaii with my Sister Shannon and her family! Her little kids are the cutest! We played and played and played. We got home just in time for Dereks first Basketball game! Which they won he scored 15 points - off to a good start! He of course stayed home for practice. Jackie and Justin stayed with him and ran him to all his practices and fed him. We got to see Jackie and Justin for one day before they had to head back home to rexburg! But they will be back in 2 weeks for the Christmas Vacation!
The making of "THE MERMAID" Thanks to Laurens Creative abilities
The finished Creation! It was so cool!
Savannah, Hayes & Lauren - I love the goggles!
Me and my cute baby sister!
All the kids at the beach! We spent most of the day!
Grace & Olivia with Matching Suits!
Lauren, Boston, Savannah, Me & Steve all Scuba diving - Cory went to he is here somewhere!
Savannah surprised us all and was holding all the sea creatures!

Lauren and the octopus!
Here is the whole Gang on Thanksgiving! It was lovely - no cooking and NO DISHES!!
Lauren and the twins! They loved her! She is such a player!
Me & Grace! Last time she was in Hawaii she was only 3 - She loved it!
Lauren & Grace Boogie Boarding!
Savannah trying to Skim board - Not very easy - none of us could do it! We needed Derek there to redeem our family!
Boston Show us how its done! He was really good!

One of our many Sand Creations!
We even made sand jail for the little kids!