Thursday, May 24, 2012

Catching up

Steve flew us in his plane to visit all our kids and grandkids in Utah!  It is so nice to fly for 3 hours instead of driving for 10!
Lots to update about -  Justin Graduated from Utah State!  They have decided to stay in Logan and are hoping to get hired on this summer as a flight instructor and start accumulating lots of hours so he can apply to airlines. Derek Graduated from Seminary!  WOOO HOOO that is a huge accomplishment with all the conflicts that basketball and football have had with early morning seminary for the last 4 years!

Weston and Addison Love Blue's clues!  I am amazed how they can work any electronic device! 

Addison is walking everywhere and pretty fast!  Farmers Market with Aunt Grace and Aunt Lauren

The babies LOVE grandpa's airplane
Savannah and Addison! I love these girls!

Grandpa and Weston 

Addison is showing me her strawberry plants.  She loves them!
Good by everybody :(  We hate leaving these goof balls!

Savannah watching Addison sobbing because we were leaving!

OK!  I don't like this part:(
One of our favorite Missionaries came home!  We love this kid!  Welcome home Matt

Way to go Seminary Graduate!
Swimming lessons with some of her best friends!  

Friday, May 4, 2012

Senior Prom

Moscow High School had prom tonight.  Wow!  Derek is a Senior!   He sure is a handsome Devil!  Every week seems to be the next last thing to check off before he is out of house :(  We will miss this cute boy!
Derek & Dane Best friends since 3years old

Boys waiting and waiting and waiting for the girls to be ready!

Dane and Ashley/ Derek & Kim

They had a huge group for dinner!  I think Derek was so glad to have the 10000000 pictures done! hahaha

Thursday, May 3, 2012


The Freshman had their formal dance tonight.  Savannah is not 16 and although she got asked by MANY boys, she is such a great kid and went stag.  All her girlfriends had dates so she invited everyone over to our house for dinner before the dance.  It was fun.   She looked Beautiful and this summer she turns 16 and we will have to deal with the all the boys :)  Grace and her friends were the servers.  They were the best!
Sav and her cute girlfriends all ready before the boys showed up

The best waitresses

The group of 12 eating dinner

Grace serving dinner