Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Christmas eve with new PJs

Christmas eve we go to our neighbors the Mosmans.  We had a great dinner and the kids did a Christmas play.  We came home and wrote our presents to Jesus and put them on the tree watched Luke II and then we put out the cookies and milk and off to bed.  The kids all sleep in the same room - so Grace's room is still full of matresses!  They woke us up about 6:00am and we went down to see if Santa came!  HE DID!   Grace was so excited!  Steve has been really sentimental this Christmas he thinks this is going to be one our last Christmas's with a true believer!  Grace was also so excited to open presents - not for hers but for everyone to open the present she got them.  She made blankets for everyone and got a special build a bear for everyone!  She was so excited!  We got a waffle maker for christmas so we made waffles for breakfast and then Jackie made us a 4 course Italian meal for dinner and then we just watched movies, played with our new toys and just really enjoyed the day!

Grace so excited about the presents!
Playing with the new Wii

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Vacation!

We started our Christmas Vacation by Skiing!  This was only the 2nd time for Grace and if any of you remember Derek as a beginner skier - She is just like him.  Absolutely no fear- she does not turn just goes straight down the mountain with a little snow plow when she wants to slow down!  When I would tell her to slow down or try to turns she would get mad and say " You keep saying to have fun - well its fun to go fast!"  hehehehe  She takes after Derek that is for sure!  It was a really fun day - lots of great snow!  Jackie decided to stay home and sleep she has been a little off with jet lag!   She wakes up at 4:00am  and goes to bed about 6:00pm  She is getting better each day!

Steve and Grace on the Chair lift

Savannah and Grace who are really cute but look behind them at the view of the Lake!
Here is the whole crew after lunch before we started our afternoon runs!

Friday, December 21, 2007


We went to the airport at 10:30 last night to pick up Jackie!   Everyone wanted to come - so we will have some tired heads today for their last day of School!  Derek assured me it wouldn't matter they weren't doing anything anyway!!!  
All Jackies flights went well and she is home!   We were so excited!   She is now already busy applying for jobs (Italy drained her bank account)  and making plans to see all her friends.  After school we are on our way to Schwietzer Mountain and go skiiing for the weekend!  Then Christmas!   YAH!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lauren Makes the Paper

We were reading the paper this morning and Lauren was in the paper.  She plays on the girls Varsity team and they had a home game last night and she was the picture!  They lost their game in the last minute of the game - it was really close!  She did great!