Sunday, September 23, 2007

Homecoming 2007

Well the weekend was a success! Derek's team won thier football game 38 - 7. The coach had Derek call all the defense plays and he caught a pass for a touch down in the end zone. Lauren was the quarterback for her Powderpuff team (homecoming week activities) They lost to the seniors but it wasn't really fair - there was never any kick offs and they made the juniors start with the ball on the seniors goal line! They had fun! Her date to homecoming was a senior who is one of the running backs so she got to wear his jersey on Friday to school. The dance was fun so the weekend ends up a success! Watch out - Big muscles coming through!
Cheer leaders and part of the football team (lauren is the one in the middle) GRRRRRRR
Its always a plus to get asked to homecoming by a football player - get to show off the jersey!
This is the group Lauren went with for Homecoming!
Lauren & Her Date!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Italian Update

These are the most recent updates from our European Traveler! She says she is having a really hard time with her Italian class - but the last test she got a 96% So we aren't believing her!! Savannah & I just bought our tickets yesterday to go and visit Italy! We are super excited! My brother Darrens family is coming with us! We leave November 13th and get to stay 2 weeks! YAH!!!!! Jackie is off to Venice this weekend so we should have some pictures from that soon! Derek has another football game tonight! Lauren has Homecoming this weekend! So Stay tuned!This is Jackie on the Spanish Steps - with her new boots - which she loves very much!!!!
This is Jackie making Lauren Very Jealous (PRADA Store)
This is Jackie making Steve Very Nervous
Finally she does some sight seeing!!!!! This is the Trevi Fountain in Rome

This is from the top of the Spanish steps looking down at what she calls the greatest shopping ever!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weekend Review

Derek had his first football game for 8th grade - and was real excited for me to take a picture! He did awesome! He is the corner back on Defense and the wide reciever on offense - He has decided he doesn't really like offense - people are always trying to tackle you! - He says he hears the star wars theme for the dark side when ever he goes to tackle someone! I think he is around dramatic girls too much! This is his buddy Josh who is the quarter back and is almost 6 feet tall!!! They won of course - His team has only lost maybe 2 games ever since he has started playing football - 4 years now!
Savannah did so great at the Fair she got Bronze Grand Prize for her pull apart bread (which is our favorite) and won 3 dollars!!! She got 2nd place for her candy and no money! She was very pleased with her awards!
This is Grace and her best friend McKensie who is our neighbor - her dad is our bishop- Mckensie and Grace have been best friends since the day they were born - they play 24-7! McKensie broke her elbow this weekend while we were babysitting her and Grace helps carry her back pack everyday to school for her. She always gets mad when we forget to mention McKensie in our prayers. They are so cute they hold hands everyday when they walk to school!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Jackie is doing great and loving every minute! They went into Rome to go to church and then got to see the coleseum! She is super excited about everything! We are all really jealous and are making plans to visit! All the kids are in school! This week is fair week and Savannah is busy making preparations to enter her lemon rolls and candy into the fair. She has been taking cooking 4H this year. We all think she should get a blue ribbon for sure! We love everything she cooks! Derek is always begging her to make something for him to eat!! He is always hungry! We will let you know how the fair turns out!
Jackie and room mate with her new favorite treat GELATO!
Jackie showing off at the coleseum!

Monday, September 3, 2007


Steve and Derek went to the game in California and met the Johnson cousins there! All the johnsons went to the game cheering for IDAHO of course! Derek traded places with Taylor - who went down to the sidelines with Steve- while Derek played with his cousins up in the stands! Sounds like they had a great time! Idaho didn't do to bad against #1 USC - it was respectable! The girls and I went back to the lake for the last weekend of summer! It was sad to put the boat away for the season! Now only 9 more months till we get to play again!!!! BOO HOO!

Jackie emailed and is having the time of her life - she loves the food, her roommates are LDS, she is going to the opera on wednesday - a bunch of girls are renting a box for 12 euros each! She also got a cell phone so we can now talk to her! I am trying not to be jealous! As soon as she sends me pictures I will post them!