Monday, May 31, 2010

Grandma Pennington

We lost a another cute little grandma this last weekend. Grandma Pennington was 92. Steve has many memories of his grandma she lived by him for most of his life. He loved her banana cream pies. I knew her for most of my life too because I lived in the same ward and worked for Steve's mom and Dad most of my teenage life in their Swimming Pool business. But the time I will cherish the most is when we were living in Portland and going to Medical School. Grandma lived right by the portland temple. We had dinner every sunday with her and visited many times a week. She saved me during that stressful time. Her home was always welcoming. She would just take care of Jackie, Lauren and I. The girls loved her very much. When she would babysit for me she would always take them on a walk to the temple (2 blocks away). They developed a love for the temple from a very early age. She was a beautiful women inside and out! We love her very much! She will be missed!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

500 miles!

So about 2 months ago I started training with my friend (Ricki) for a bike race. It is called the Chafe 150 - the total race is 150 miles but they have a 1/2 Chafe for 80 which is what we signed up for. June 12th is the day up in Troy, Montana - we ride all the way to Sandpoint, Idaho. This time of year on the Palouse is so beautiful! We are so spoiled to have all these farm roads to ride on. We have logged over 500 miles on our bikes! Our longest ride has been 55 miles. This last Week alone -we rode over 100 miles! It has been quite a journey! Some days I wonder what I was thinking - wait - most days I wonder what I was thinking! We are now in the countdown stage and are feeling pretty confident in being able to ride 80 miles. I'll let you know how we do!
Ricki on our last ride- Everything is so green right now and the lilacs are in bloom and smell so good!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bi- State Champ!

Savannah has been placing all season in the shot put! She loves it! It is so funny to see her tall skinny body against all those shorter stockier girls and then she can really throw that thing! HA They have a huge track meet for all the Jr. Highs in both Northern Idaho and Northern Washington- about 50 girls were throwing the shotput and she placed 2nd! She had her best throw for the whole season 27'9". Who knew! I love it!Don't mess with this champ!
I Love this girl!!
This is my only shot that turned out good! I am not use to how the shot put works! Next year!
This is what Grace was doing this afternoon! She was driving her friends around the back yard in Steve's golf cart! She is the funniest kid!

Monday, May 10, 2010

25 Years of Wedded Bliss!

We just got back from Celebrating our 25th Wedding anniversary! We took the whole family and spent a week in Maui! It was fabulous! We left a snow storm in Moscow which I guess lasted most of the week! The weather in Maui was fabulous! We stayed in a condo behind the Grand Wailea! We even got to swim with Adam Sandler! They were filming a movie at our hotel! We drank smoothies, played at the beach, snorkeled, swam in the ocean, played on the waterslides, shopped, ate Shaved ice (my Favorite)and all got a little sunburned. It was so relaxing and a great way to celebrate 25 wonderful years!
Here is what everyone said about the trip

Steve - Snorkeling at Molokini was my favorite, It was so clear I never wanted to get out! Grace was amazing! She was a great snorkeler for her first time! I loved having the Whole family together
Lauren - My favorite was how we did the water slides as a whole troop! 8 people in a row just going down the slides one after the other!
Derek - It was warm there. (he is man of few words)
Savannah - My favorites were the beach, pools, smoothies, shopping, Jackies fat stomach - oh pretty much everything!
Grace - My favorite was going to the beach! I just always wanted to be at the beach. (true - she was like a little fish - she did don't come out of the ocean unless we were going to go on the water slides or she was building a sand castle!)

It is too late to get a hold of Jackie and Justin so I will post their comments tomorrow!
Here she is - our little fatty
(In case you haven't heard she is having a boy & a girl)
Jackie went on all the water slides - the little pill - she said the babies loved them!
We spent the end of each day in the pool - washing off the sand - Grace had a lot of sand so steve decided to see if the wind could help
We tried to tell him that you couldn't surf on a boogie board - He gave it a good try
Jackie and Justin - I think we have Justin convinced that Disneyland isn't the only fun vacation - he loves the beach!
UMMMM! Shaved ice - with icecream!
Off to do a little snorkeling
She was always in the water!
Only out of the water to drink her smoothie - favorite one is cookies & cream
Lauren and Grace swimming in the ocean!
Enjoying the beach
Playing a little frisbee!

Derek giving me a paddle board ride - then . . . . .
oops! I think he did this on purpose! We weren't very balanced!

Grace giving Steve a paddle board ride!
Grace's first big snorkel trip! We went out to this crater in the ocean with a reef- it was so clear and beautiful! She did so great!
(then she tried to drown him! HA)