Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kids Marathon

One of the schools sponsored a kids marathon.  They run a 1.5 mile fun run in October and another end with another one in April.  In between the races they have pedometers to keep track of their running and they are suppose to run 26.2 miles.  I guess the pedometers are really sensitive so they may run a few marathons in that time frame! HA 
Grace and her running buddies  - Ashley & McKenna
Starting line!  It was seriously cold this  morning!  But no Snow that is a plus!

running the course! 
FINISH LINE!!  She did it in about 20 minutes!  WOO HOO 
Another runner in the Family!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The boy turns 17

Derek had his 17th birthday yesterday and as one of his birthday wishes - was to not have any pictures taken! HA  So I will just use old pictures and do a little blog tribute to my only son.  Derek is full of life.  He is the biggest tease not only to his sisters but also to me!  He seriously makes me shake my head or laugh at everything he does.  He is so funny.  In the back of his truck you will find many interesting items.  When I asked him why he had an axe and a bat  he told me sometimes you just need to chop stuff or hit stuff.  I decided not to ask any other questions.  He LOVES basketball and does very well.  He went to State with the Moscow High School team last year and hopes to repeat that again this year.  He has had the same 5 friends since kindergarten and everyday for lunch they all show up with him for lunch!  They are a great bunch of boys!  He loves to wakeboard, snowboard, surf and tube.  He landed a few backflips with the wakeboard last summer.  He loves his family and especially his Cousins! When you get the cousins together it can get really crazy and he is usually the ring leader.  He is a great kid and we love him!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


We had a Mother / Daughter Activity Days today.  It was a spa day.  It was really fun!  We did pedicures, manicures and facials.  It is always fun to spend time with my youngest goof ball!  Although I did get 3 calls from Savannah while I was gone!  At least she missed me or should I say my Taxi service! HA  It won't belong until she can drive herself! YAH!
starting with the parafin for our manicures

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

She's finally a REAL GIRL!

My cute little Savannah just got cuter!  No more Braces!  YEAH!!!  When we were driving home and she was looking in the mirror she said "I finally look like a real girl!"  HA  I love this kid! 

The orthodontist office sang her a "Braces Off song"  and gave her balloons and a cake made out of all the candy she shouldn't have been eating.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grandpa Johnson turns 75

An ordinary man - he says he's nothing more than just an ordinary man.    There are many who would have to disagree with him!  We all love him dearly.  He is our hero!  He still works as hard as a 20 year old, his little house on the hill is becoming a fortress complete with a beautiful garden, orchard and chickens.  He will do anything for anybody all you have to do is ask!  As soon as he sees you his eyes light up and you can see by the look on his face that he really loves you!  He loves the gospel and is a great example of worthiness!  His daughters love him, His sons want to be like him and his grandchildren adore him!  We love you Dad! 
Grace and Grandpa put 75 candles on the cake

After they were all lit we thought it might catch the house on fire! HA

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Grandbabies are home!!

Grace with the little peanuts
After a long 104 days in the NICU our little grandbabies made it home this week!  Grace, Savannah and I went to Utah to help out for a few days!  They are doing great!  It was so fun to love them!  Grace has been so excited to finally see the little peanuts!  They are hooked up to oxygen still and have lots of monitors hooked to them but they have only gone off a few times!  YAH!  They came home at 5 1/2 lbs and are eating every 3 hours.  That makes for long nights for Jackie and Justin.  They go to the Pediatrician on Monday- it will be good to see if they have gained weight since they came home!
Weston is always so alert!  
Here I am the GRANDMA!
Grace is so good with the little guys!  She will be the best babysitter!
Addison loves her aunt Savannah
Grace feeding Weston
The boys watching some football!
It is so cute - They LOVE their mom!
Grandma and Weston
Jackie and I were having fun dressing them in cute little outfits and taking pictures! 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Apple Picking

It has been a long time since we made apple sauce. I have noticed my youngest 2 girls live a different life than my oldest two girls. The youngest 2 have never been involved in canning anything. With the oldest two we canned all the time. So inbetween conference sessions we went out to the apple orchard and picked some apples to make apple sauce. They also had a cider press at the orchard so we made some cider too. It was fun! We have so far made apple crisp, fruit roll up (with the dehydrater) and dried apples. Tonight for family night we are making apple sauce! When Derek was little he loved picking apples now that he is a teenager he wasn't so interested in picking apples or making the apple sauce - I believe his exact words were " I will not participate in our family becoming amish" - side note - he has eaten everything made out of the apples! HAGrace picking the apples - It was a beautiful day!
3 buckets and box - that will keep us busy for awhile
Making Cider - it was a lot of work!