Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Basketball, Babies and Hawaii

Derek and Savannah are in the Thick of basketball season here in Moscow.   So below are a few pictures of Derek and some of his biggest fans.  I will get some pics of Savannah soon.  Jackie came and babysit the kids while Steve and I went to Kaua'i for a medical meeting.  It was so fabulous - but we didn't take many pictures so you get to see the 4 I took! HA  I guess its more fun to take pics of the kids! 
Go BEARS!!  Jackie made them shirts to wear to their first Bear Basketball game!  Derek is #11 so they shared his number!

I believe this is called a foul!  They didn't call it but the shot was good!

A great Break away!

Steve getting into Vacation Mode!

We biked along the beach!  It was so nice!

Part of our bike ride

It was so beautiful!!  I LOVE Hawaii!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Derek had a game during the Christmas Break and so the girls thought they would surprise him with t-shirts!  They were really cute!  Derek even got a chuckle out of it and so did his team.  Its hard not to notice so many cute girls! 
Vacation is over and everyone is gone and I am back to a quiet house during the day!  I miss everyone and now I have to do stuff like laundry and cleaning!  Savannah and Grace really miss their big sisters when they leave, we have such a good time with everyone.  We also had Shae (my sister Mindy's daughter)  for the week after christmas and that was really fun.  Well off to the new year 2011 - My New years resolution is to download all Video onto a hard drive so I can make some more family movies.

Doing a little Defense

Derek is of course # 11

Addison and Weston on my Bed!  I miss those little guys!

Jackie is going to have some good arm strength carrying these two around!