Sunday, June 21, 2009

Trek 2009

Fathers Day with the kids! Jackie called - It was the first time for steve to have one of his children call him instead of being here! We miss her!

Our Stake went on a Trek this last week.  Steve was the trail boss and I was the photographer.  Derek was our only child that came.  Lauren was too old, Grace & Savannah were too young.  Savannah spent the week in Utah at Basketball camp and at her cousins!  When I asked her how the week went she said " It was a Lot of Basketball!"    Maybe I should have explained that at Basketball camp you play basketball!   hehehehe  I love that girl!  Lauren entertained grace for the week and they did everything from making tie dye shirts to riding bikes to get a snow cone!   They went to see the Lippanzaner dancing horses and grace was a little dissappointed the horses didn't do back flips or anything!  hahaha  I guess I really need to talk to my children about there expectations before they go to stuff!  
The trek was so hard!  It looked just like Wyoming and hot and windy and we even had rain!    Steve gave about 10 talks and they were all great!  He gave a great spirit to the trek!  We came home totally exhausted and sunburnt! This is our second Trek Steve and I have gone on with the youth and everytime I can gain such a great respect for the Pioneers!  I am also  blown away by our incredible youth!  I came home knowing "I CAN DO HARD THINGS!"  One of my favorite talks Steve gave was to the YW about Virtue and he said "the Iron rod does not go through the Great and spacies building!"   It gave me a chance to look at my life and see where I could to do better!    Another thing that was great to think about he said was "Because a boy prayed . . . . . . ."  I am so thankful for this gospel and that I get to be a part of it!   

Thought I better document this - Derek writing in his journal 
We started out so clean!!
Trail boss
Our Stake Flag - Lauren made it for us! 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Visit to Grants Pass

We went to oregon for my Nephew Aarons baptism! We stopped by Grants Pass to visit Dad & Madge and had a fabulous dinner and got to see the fancy new chicken coop, picked some cherries and watched some home movies we brought! We miss them so much! I wish we lived closer! We also got to visit Steve's Great Granparents! We spent the rest of the weekend in Corvallis at his Brother Don's house for Aarons baptism! Grace was our only child who could come and she had a great time with Grandma & Grandpa and all the cousins! Derek & Lauren were in Montana for Dereks basketball tournament and Savannah is in Utah with Jackie going to a BYU Basketball camp! We are now home and on the next big event - THE TREK! We leave on Wednesday!

Grace and her MAD gymnastic skills on the top of Grandpas Mountain

Grace and G & G Johnson
Grace and her Great Grandma & Grandpa Green
Steve and his Grandma Cook!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


We had a great graduation weekend! Steve's mom and dad came and my sister Shannon with her 4 cute little kids came! Good thing too! We had everyone chopping and cooking all morning Friday for the Graduation BBQ! We had lots of friends and family come and help us celebrate this great event! We then headed off to the Graduation ceremony where Lauren was one of 11 kids in her class to graduate with the highest honor - Summa Cum Laude (gold cords) you had to graduate with a grade point average of 3.9 and above! What a smarty pants!!! Then she was off to a All night senior party (which I was in charge of! - glad to have that over with) The kids all had a great time - lots of great prizes were awarded! It was a great weekend to Celebrate such a great kid! Watch out BYU - here she comes! Thanks to everyone who gave such wonderful presents and thoughtful cards!

Seminary Graduation - I believe the quote from Lauren was "This is the greatest day ever!"
(We have early morning seminary)
Lauren and her buddies right before Graduation
Grace only has 10 more years! AHHHHH!
The whole fam after the great event!
Grandma & Grandpa with the little smarty! Grandma also got interviewed from the paper! It was a great article and she told all the graduates to go out and make something happen!