Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Before the weekend started Grace had her Spring Show at the Gym and did GREAT!
At the last minute we decided to go to Oregon for the holiday.  We were able to see Steve's great Aunt Marie who is not doing very well since she broke her hip.  She is in her 90's and they don't think she will last very much longer so we decided to go and see her.  We also got to visit with Grandma Green (Steve's Grandma), Steve's brother Don and their family, his brother Mike and his family, Steve's mom and dad and my dad.  It was a great visit and we even ended up with a new family member.  My nephews found an abandon kitten at Grandma Greens house and so Grace begged and pleaded her Daddy (he really can't say no to his daughters) and we have a new kitten that came home with us.  For the first 2 hours of the trip she cried and cried and clawed and clawed but then she settled down and bonded with Grace for the next 8.  THANK GOODNESS!  We were all about to go nuts!  Derek calls her Jimmer but I think her name will be Bella (that's what the rest of us call her).  She follows me around everywhere crying unless I hold her .........  When is summer vacation????

Floor Routine - Just wait for her to be in the Olympics!

dismount off the bars

Look at that air!

4 blues and a red.  That's my girl!

Playing games with the cousins

Playing something- not sure what but it was very loud!

LOVE these girls!  Jeavoni just got back from Italy where she was a exchange student and is now hoping to get accepted to a design school over there!  We loved looking at all her pictures!! Savannah is hoping she gets accepted so she can go and visit!
Grandma Pat and Grandpa Jerry
Grandpa Johnson

Grandpa explaining his new contraption

Yep- His own version of the Bio -dome.  Actually I think it is more of a Hyro-dome.  My favorite was when he went to turn it on to show how it worked and told everyone to stand back because he wasn't sure what was going to happen!  HAHAHA  I love my dad!

our newest member of the family - Bella or Jimmer depending on who you ask

Bella rode home with us from Grandma and Grandpa's 10 hours!  Good thing she likes Grace!

Monday, May 23, 2011

What a GREAT weekend!

We just had the GREATEST weekend!  All the kids were here!  Jackie, Justin and the babies came into town and we introduced David to Northern Idaho.  Jackie had her 5 year cancer check and all is clear!  I LOVE THOSE WORDS!  The Dr. was even impressed with her new lung capacity........ she has been working out! (such a good girl!)  We went to see Wicked on Saturday and then just had a fabulous Sunday.  David left on Sunday night ...... Yes, now Lauren is grumpy.  The babies left this morning.........Yes, now I'm grumpy.  HA  We loved having everyone! 
The weekend started with Lauren giving Derek a Haircut........ No Lauren has never given a haircut before.  I guess boys don't care about small things like experience. 

Surprisingly it turned out well...... except for the small shaved part behind his ear where the clippers got away from her. OOPS!   We just kept telling him no one really looks there anyway.  HA

One of our  old Neighbors Jesse (Miller) Olsen came and stayed with us while her husband was taking the MCAT and brought her cute baby Oliver.  It was fun to catch up with their family and hear how well everyone is doing! 

Grace was in the Ward Talent show and did an Excellent Job!

Wicked was such a GREAT show!  We really enjoyed it!

Grace was the greatest and gave her ticket to David so Lauren wouldn't have to choose between spending time with David and seeing the show!  David was a great sport and just tagged along on Girl day!

The problem was ....... We never fed the poor boy! 
We LOVE these little cuties!

He really hates pictures! HA  He is always smiling until you take out a camera!

Aunt Grace is a Favorite!

I had to take this picture....... I have never seen this little girl asleep while someone is holding her.  She is always too busy!  Grandpa has the magic touch!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The tassle's worth the hassle!

23 years ago Steve Graduated from BYU and we were off to Portland Oregon to start medical school.  Jackie was just a few months old.  Now our baby is a graduate herself with babies of her own!  I just blinked and now I am wondering how this happened so fast!  We are so proud of her what an incredible accomplishment.  She has earned a Bachelor of Science in Journalism.  It was a great weekend to celebrate her and all her hard work!  Way to go JACK!!! 
33 years ago BYU
last week at Utah State

What a Great Day!

Her dad was so proud!

Once a Vandal always a Vandal! 

What an exciting weekend!  Graduation and an Engagement!  Here is a closer picture of the sparkly ring!

David was getting a lot of positive reinforcement for getting such a sparkly surprise!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Prince Charming . . . . .

Dr. Seuss once said "We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and we call it love"  what a wise man that Seuss.
Lauren has found her Prince Charming who is just as goofy as she is.  It is a perfect match!  Prince Charming proposed on Friday, May 5th at Bridal Veil Falls in  Provo Canyon.  She was sooooo happy. He is the cutest!  He hid the ring in a truffle and also had some friends hiding in the trees to video tape and take pictures.  Prince Charmings name is David Parker.  He is from Southern California.  He is also a premed student at BYU.  He served a mission in Montana.  He loves basketball (BYU and the Lakers), and he snowboards.  So he will fit in nicely with the boys in our family.  One of the best things about David is - Lauren will always and forever be Laur P.   He is so sweet to our daughter and you can tell he loves her.  But the best thing of all is how much our daughter LOVES him.  We couldn't be more excited for the two of them.  They are planning to be married in the San Diego Temple on August 13th.  It will be a GREAT day.

Monday, May 2, 2011

We LOVE it when they visit!

Jackie, Justin and the babies came to visit this week. We love having them. The babies are growing soooo much. They are so responsive. They laugh, talk, smile and Addison even said DaDa while they were here. I hate it when they go home! It won't be long before we see them again. Jackie is walking at graduation this weekend so we are headed to Logan on Thursday.

Addison LOVED my flash!

Weston is like all the other boys in the family not so excited about pictures!

She is the funniest girl.... as soon as she see's that weston has his binky she has to take it!  HAHHA

Lovin' Aunt Savy

Grace and Addi reading books

Relaxing out on the deck in the sun that we only get once a week!

Jackie taught Grace and Sav to make Grandma Greens homemade bread!  YUM!