Sunday, February 27, 2011


We had another patient this week at the Pennington Rehab hospital.  My sister Shannon came to have Steve take her neuroma out of her foot. (Yes same surgery I had last year- apparently a genetic defect!ha)  She brought her daughter Ivy that is 2.  We had so much fun!  I know it wasn't so fun for Shannon but I loved having my sister here! I hate being so far away from my sisters.  She did great and is on her way home.  She is the cutest - she always gets so sad to leave me.  From the time she was just a little girl I use to have to kiss all her stuffed animals every time I left her - Now I just have to kiss her baby!  Soon she will be back to running 1/2 marathons and skiing all day!  But now we are sad with no little one to play with!  Good thing I get to see my grandbabies this week! YAH
If you look close shannon has a black eye - She fainted the day after surgery while she was walking and hit her eye on a toy when she hit the floor!  So sad!  She covered it well with makeup! 

Saying goodbye to Aunt Shannon and Ivy

seriously love this kid! 

Ivy is so funny!  She loved our cat.  But Banjo did not love her so much.  One time when we were walking by banjo - Ivy said "Don't pinch Banjo - she will bite you!"  HA  Banjo was always trying to hide from Ivy! 

Friday, February 25, 2011


We finally were able to play our championship game to see who in our district would go to state.  It had been cancelled due to the blizzard that hit us for 3 days!  They played GREAT!  We killed them 55-35!  So now we are going to Boise for the State playoffs next week! GO BEARS! 
The team with the Trophy

All The juniors on the team - they have been playing together since 4th grade!

cutting down the net

Monday, February 21, 2011

Talent Show and Skiing

Grace was in the McDonald Elementary School Talent Show.  She did a gymnastics routine and dance with her friend Ashley.  They did great.   The kids were out of school on Friday so we took our neighbors Mckenzie and Paige - up skiing.  It was a great day and we spent the night and had fun in the pool and watching movies! Steve and Derek had to stay home Derek basketball team is in the District tournament for State right now.  He plays again on Tuesday and hopefully are then on our way to STATE.  (hopefully my next post is of them cutting down the net)
Grace and Ashley before the show

Doing some gymnastics

Savannah and Paige

Grace, Mckenzie and Ashley - They love to jump in the snow and then jump in the pool

Great Day for Skiing!

Grace and Mckenzie - so cute they just skied and rode the lift together all afternoon

Paige and Savannah - a bunch of goof balls

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warning: a litte sappy.

So maybe my kids aren't perfect but my husband comes pretty close! He had a birthday this last week and turned 48.  I have always felt like Heavenly Father picked me up and put me right where I needed to be so I could marry such an amazing person.  He is probably the busiest person you will ever meet.  He is the Stake President, Orthopedic Surgeon, Vandal Team doctor, husband and father.  He never complains, he just does what needs to be done.  He asked me once what job I hated the most out of all the things I do.  I told him I hated mowing the lawn.  That was about 4 years ago and I have not mowed the lawn since.  We never fight . . . he always gives me my way.   He keeps us laughing and even laughing at ourselves.  He loves to watch his kids play sports, loves to fly his plane, LOVES the lake house, loves it when his older girls who are gone call to talk to him (unless they talk about affairs of the heart!)  and he LOVES his grand babies.  Things he doesn't like are brocoli, laziness, drivethru's and packing.   Happy Birthday Dad P.!  We love you!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I mostly blog because I think it is a great way to preserve family history. (okay I do like the comments!)  So obviously you blog the good things and say great things about your family so I will understand if this comes as a total shock to most of you! . . . . .My children are not perfect.  There I said it.  With that being said I decided to blog about the thing that BUGS me the most.  It has always been a struggle with my children from Jackie all the way down to Grace P.   THEY ARE PIGS!   Yep, its true.  I have tried many different ways  for over 24 years to counteract this horrible behavior but to no avail.   Some day I will publish my list.  You would think that by Grace I would have come up with some great way to teach your children, but sadly no it continues to plague me.  So lately I have decided not to do ANY laundry that is not in a laundry basket.  Doesn't seem that hard - there is a basket in every room, in every bathroom, or even heaven forbid, walk 5 steps and put it in the laundry room baskets.   So needless to say the laundry has really piled up in their bathrooms and bedrooms until recently they all complained they had no clean clothes.   Well I said put it in a laundry basket and it will get done.  Still no compliance.  So I continued to only do the laundry that was put in the proper place.  So today I noticed that someone had put all the dirty clothes from the bathroom in the laundry - close but not in a basket.  I almost picked it up and started doing it but stopped and decided I will walk over it and not do any laundry that is not put in a basket.  We will see how long this lasts!  Good thing is we have no company coming for a while.
Children aren't they precious

Who knew they had so many clothes - I think they are wearing dirty clothes to school!

This is only one side of the room the other side is just as bad!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The little Girls

The little girls have been very busy.  Savannah has been playing basketball for the Junior High.  She had 12 points in the last game.  She LOVES basketball and she is fun to watch.  Grace has been asked to join the League team at our Gym.  So she is very excited about that.  She will now go twice a week.  She just had a mini meet and did really well!  She LOVES gymnastics! Other than that we went skiing with some friends last weekend and hope to go next weekend.  We try not to talk about it too much because Derek gets sad.  If the Bears go to State he has about another month of Basketball before he can go snowboarding.
Savannah going up for a shot

doing a little defense


Floor rountine

Grace and her buddies