Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daddy Daughter Pinewood Derby

A wiseman once said "A father carries pictures where his money use to be."  Never truer than in the Pennington Household with 4 expensive daughters.  So here are a few more pictures I am sure will end up in Steven Pennington's Wallet. 
Steve and Grace went to the Daddy Daughter Pinewood Derby this week and won 3rd place.  It sounded like a great night.  They were handed a kit and were given 30 minutes to create a car.  Their car did great!  She sure loves doing stuff with her dad!  Steve will be so sad when the Daddy Daughter Dates end.  He really looks forward to them.

Way to Represent Team Pennington

Of course the car was blue.... Grace loves the color Blue.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

The sun finally decided to shine here in the NORTH!  YAH!  We hit a high of 50 and thought we might die of heat stroke!  It was a nice change from the cold rain and snow we had this last week.  We had stake conference this morning and Steve is feeling Liberated this afternoon.  It was a great conference!
We finished the day with our friends the Monsons and a lovely dinner and Easter egg hunt and then a family movie of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Great day!  Great Company!  But we missed our kids that are in Logan and California (Lauren is at David's).  I am so grateful for all the Savior has done for me and what a great day to reflect on his life and the love he has for his children.

YES - That is Derek my son in a picture and only mildly naughty!

My cute girls

Hunting eggs.  The grass was so wet it kinda looked like the Easter Bunny just threw the eggs around the yard.

All the egg hunters - Caia, Grace, Payton & Elyse  - We are so glad they come over so Grace has company hunting for eggs.

Mom P & Dad P
Enjoying their weekend in California - I told them to take an Easter picture but they didn't obey - I guess I'll have to tell Aunt Shannon - she'll take care of that problem.  haha

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SKYPE - You're never far from the ones you love

I once read an article   "Why first borns want to rule the world and last borns want to change it".   This was when my children were very young and I did not understand it completely until last night.

As the children get older and older they want to do less and less of the old traditions.  Not all, just things like carving pumpkins and coloring easter eggs.  That is all but Grace, who of course is only 9 and still loves to do all those things.   She is having a very different "Family" experience than Jackie.  With that said ......  She knew no one was very excited to color eggs.  So she texted the one person who she KNEW would come through for her and of course that is LAUREN. (who loves all things that have to do with family traditions, family time or family anything.) They made a plan to skype while we were coloring easter eggs.  So when the time came for family night and coloring the easter eggs out came the computer and before you even knew it was happening there was Lauren and David right in our kitchen.  I love technology!  Who said technology was tearing the family apart.  Not ours!  We could have been a commercial for the church....... Family, isn't it about time.
Look at her having a good tiime!
Moscow and Provo -Distance means so little when technology is around

Showing the masterpiece

Sunday, April 17, 2011

1 mother + 1 daughter = 2 best friends

Time really flies doesn't it!  I have really been reflective lately.  I don't know if it is because:

Jackie just sewed her first easter dress for her daughter,
Lauren is not coming home until after Spring semester
Derek is about to start his last year at home
Savannah just painted her room and it no longer looks like Lauren's room
Grace is finishing 4th grade and that was the grade Jackie started here at McDonald School

It just seems like life is on Fast Forward!!!  SLOW DOWN!  Below is Case in Point!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

some weeks

I am the Primary Chorister and have been for a few years and it is my favorite calling of all time. Yes surprisingly I love it even more than YW. We have so much fun, the kids are the greatest and make me laugh everyweek. If you ever want to feel the spirit during church, just go to primary. These children really are Saturday's Warriors! I taught this song to the primary today and I LOVE IT! We talked about what poison does to your body and compared that to sin to your soul. Then talked about the atonement and what an incredible sacrifice the Savior gave to us. I thought it might be a little intense for the Jr. Primary but they were so sweet and at the end one of the little guys in the 5 year old class said "Jesus really loves us huh." YES! YES he does!