Friday, October 30, 2009

The Funeral

It was so nice to see so much family at Grandmas Funeral! I know she would have been very happy! Although we will miss Grandma very much it was a nice day to visit with everyone! I know she is very happy with Grandpa!Lauren and Grandma Marlene
Steve and Derek BFFS
My husband is such a goof!
I love this one! He is such a hoot!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Grandma Bagley

This Picture is the way I will always remember my cute little Grandma! She taught me so much! She also loved me so much! When our family was going through so much she was the one who came and took care of us! She taught me how to sew which I use almost everyday! She taught me how to make swiss steak - A family favorite! She also spent many hours at the piano and I continue to use that talent in church. She also taught me to crochet little baby bibs - which I will start again and try to keep her legacy in that small thing to pass on to my grandchildren! She always called me her cute little Dru! I loved hearing that! I knew she really loved me! We will miss you Grandma but know you are very happy now with Grandpa!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Who Knew!!!!

Derek had another football game tonight- We knew he could catch . . . . he is a wide reciever - We knew he could tackle . . . . he is a linebacker - But what we didn't know is he can also kick! Our Kickers were out for various reasons and when we showed up to the game tonight guess who was kicking off? Yep - Derek! He also had 3 PATs! After the game he told us he was as surprised as we were! HEHEHEHE I guess his younger years as a soccer player really payed off! Here he is setting up the ball for the Kick off! He did great! I know I shouldn't be surprised but when you have watched your son play football for 6 years - And have never seen him Kick the ball - I was a little worried!
Here he is with one of his Extra points!