Sunday, July 17, 2011

As busy as I claim to be, I still have the greatest job in the world!

We started out the week celebrating Grace's birthday. I know, I know her birthday isn't for a month. We will be just getting home from the wedding and getting ready for the reception and I didn't want her to feel like we had to hurry and get her birthday overwith - so we celebrated a month early and took some friends up to the lake for a sleepover!
regardless of how cold the water STILL is - they went swimming

They were so much fun!

We saw Cars 2 in 3D
I have done so much travel planning for the kids this summer.  Kids are coming and going every week!  This week as the travel agent I should be fired.  Lauren was suppose to fly to Utah to meet David and look for apartments and have the final fitting for her Wedding Dress.  Well........ I took her to the wrong airport to fly out (in my defense we have 3 airports we can fly out of) and needless to say she missed her flight and it was the last one out for the night from any airport within100 miles.  NOT GOOD!  So her Dad came to the rescue AGAIN!  He flew her the next morning and all worked out well.  Glad to report that - Laurens Dress is finished and on its way with David to California, David and Lauren have a place to live and the best news of all was WE GOT TO SEE THE BABIES!!!! Since we had to fly Lauren out to Utah we all tagged along and visited with Jackie & Justin for a day! YAH!  Okay I know what your thinking.......I would think that too........ but really it was all an accident that worked out in my benefit! ha
sleeping the flight away

Grandpa and Addison doing some light reading

OK she is the funniest - she would keep closing her eyes like the flash was hurting her eyes!  HAHAHA  There was no flash!

Weston LOVES to stand up!

Weston loving his daddy and Savannah sneaking in the picture!  She has also been gone for 2 weeks.  The first week at EFY and this last week she was at Jackie and Justins - we were so glad to see her!  We miss her!

Derek has been out at my Brother Darren's in South Carolina.  They have had a GREAT time.  WAIT is that my son smiling in a picture......... is my brother the child whisperer?

Nope I guess not!  HAHA

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July ...... At least it didn't Snow!

This has got to be the coldest start to summer we have had in a long time! The sun was shining all weekend and I think the temp may have hit a high 80 degrees! Needless to say the water is still only in the low 60's. Still too cold for me! We had a great time up at the lake! Some did swim a little, we did some surfing, wakeboarding, kayaking and lots of eating! I did beat everyone but Steve in Ping Pong. I know surprised everyone! HA Steve also finished up his IFR rating (pilot talk for flying with instruments.) It was great to just sit around and do nothing but play! I know, I know we only have a little over a month until the wedding! That is why I had to come home! HAHA
All we needed to make it the perfect weekend,  would have been Jackie & Justin and the babies!

Savannah on the Sea doo

Goofballs messing around

Derek got a sunburn and had to spend some time in the shade!  No one believed me that you could get a sunburn even if it wasn't hot! ha

She even caught this!

making a Grace pyramid

We got a smaller surfboard that you can do tricks with....... just give him a few days and he will have some to show!

Doing a little Kayaking

Gotta love the flag girl!

David catching some air

These two play an intense game of Ping Pong.  Right after Derek beat Steve I beat Derek!  HAHA He was  not happy about that. 

Watching Fireworks right off our Deck

Neighbors on both sides had great shows!