Sunday, March 29, 2009

The ground hog is out to get me and a proud Mom Moment!

We woke up this morning to a blizzard! A BLIZZARD!!! Are you kidding me! If we were rounding up the month (I have a second grader- rounding is part of the math curriculum) it would be APRIL! I love winter but I am DONE!!!
I had one of Dereks teachers stop me at a program we were at the other night and tell me a few things about my cute little son! One - she wondered if we were struggling financially because my son has been out of paper for a few months now! hehehehehe She knew we were okay but wanted to make sure I sent him with some paper on Monday! Then she told me a story of this girl that sits behind Derek who is very shy and is a little backwards and how Derek always turns around and asks her what she is working on. She said this girl doesn't really know how to respond to Derek but he always is talking to her anyway! ( I'm guessing he doesn't want to do his own work!) She told me how the other day she was almost in tears as she watched Derek turn around like usual and ask her what she was working on - the girl shared with him her poem she was writing and how Derek sincerely told her how great it was and then turned around and worked on his own work. The teacher said the smile that came across that girls face did not leave the rest of the class and continued on the rest of the day! She then told me how she has a few special needs kids in that class and how Derek always says Hi to them and talks to them! She said she told her story to another teacher who knows Derek and they both agreed they think he is a leader in that 9th grade class. I was so proud! I just had to share! (Its much nicer than the letter I had to sign that he had to write to his Art teacher for not behaving in his class!!!)Savannah has been using my camera and is really artistic here are a few of her pictures!
Another one of Savannahs cool pictures!

You can't play outside ITS TOO COLD!!! Grace and Ashley found another
place to play this is the top shelf of our linen closet!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break with MICKEY!

We had a great time in LA! We spent some time with our cousins at the happiest place on earth! We even talked Grace into - THE TOWER OF TERROR! But after that it was hard to talk her into anything else! She did eventually go on Thunder Mountain & Space Mountain and those actually became her favorites! Derek & Steve left on Wednesday to go to the NCAA Basketball tournament in Portland! It was great to have them for the first 3 days! Jackie and Justin came to take there place Wednesday night! It was a great week - with lots of WALKING! We are now waiting in the airport to fly home! I HOPE ITS WARM!!!!! Its feeling like a like wait until summer!
See ----- The happiest place on earth
Cute cousins!
Jackie & Justin on Thunder Mountain
We LOVE Mickey Mouse!
Lauren practicing for Jr. Miss! hehehehe
Grace LOVED everything- even the little rides!
Mitchell and Savannah on Toy Story Mania!
Mitchell got lots of love!
And here is some more love for our cute little cousin!
What a bunch of hotties!!!
See happiest place on earth!

Waiting in line was always very entertaining!
Awesome fireworks! Just the right thing to end a great day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hope I don't get a Call!!!!!!!

Today was Spirit day at the Jr. High and of course my son and his friends wanted to be sure to do it right!! They all came over this morning before school to get ready! Today is the color war - Freshman are black! I told the little gangstas if the school called anyone to pick them up because of thier behavior it would be the DADS not the moms today!!! I don't think I scared them!

A little Scary- I know! It is funny how when you dress like this you have to act like a gangsta too! They were Halarious! Yes that is my son right in front - the leader of the pack! (If you look real close he is wearing a nike skin cap - I don't think gangstas wear Nike! hehehehe)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We had a great time in Provo with all the cousins and aunts and uncles! My kids love their cousins! I love my sisters! When we go to see them we are on the run the entire time! I was babysitting for my sister Mindy - she was in California on a business trip - so we missed her all week and only got to see her a few days!
We went to Chuck E Cheese, Sledding, snowboarding, Out to eat and just got to do lots of visiting with everyone! We loved it! We are always sad to come home!! My neice Charlee got baptized on Saturday while we were there and it turned out great! Lauren and I toured BYU on Friday and looked at all the On campus Housing - So she is now trying to make her decision where she will live next year! AGHH!! It is coming so FAST! Now we are busy catching up and getting ready for our next trip to California to see our other cousins!!! WE LOVE COUSINS! We are spending our spring break at Disney land - Derek and Steve are spending part of the week with us and then they are off to the NCAA tournament in Portland! Should be a great week!Derek and Hayes - They were BFF's
Charlee and her Dad at the Baptism
Derek & Boston - I just dropped them off for a great day of Boarding!
Grace, Brody, Savannah and me at the sledding hill!
This is my baby neice Ivy - my sister is so hard core!
She even tried to take her baby down the sledding hill!
After the baptism we all went over to my sister shannons house for the afternoon!
I loved that Justin was too busy playing to change his clothes!!!
Lauren & Ivy - WE LOVED HER!!! She is sooooo cute!
Savannah out doing tricks on the tramp!
My sisters, Mindy, me, Shannon & Jill - my sister Darla left before we could get any pictures!

My sister Mindy and her Boyfriend Matt - Some of you may recoginize him - he is a movie star!! (We have only seen one of his movies - I guess he has a few more we need to see)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Steve and I went to Vegas for the weekend - I know - Jackie said that sounded wierd when I told her! It is not my favorite place by a long shot! I didn't even take my camera! Steve had a review course to go to and I have a friend from Tennessee who moved there this last year! Which was so fun to see her and her family!!! It was nice to get away! We saw the show "O" by Cirque Du Soliel! That was incredible! We went with Steves brother Don and Robin & Regan Hansen. I had gotten the tickets and just asked for the best seats and didn't really look where they were until that day - found out they were front row and it is a WATER show!!! HAHAHAHAHA I was thinking it would just be like Sea world and Shamu! We got a little splashed but nothing like seaworld ! Boy talk about a place that caters to your worldly passions!! Even though it is not my favorite place - We were glad to have some time together - Steve even tried to get me to spend my left over change in a slot machine - He said he couldn't because he was a Stake president but I could! hahahahaha What a goof! NO I didn't even spend my change in the slot machine - it is such a waste!!!
We are now home for one day and are off to Utah for the week to babysit my Sister Mindys kids! hopefully the weather is good for our drive tomorrow! Thanks Lauren for babysitting the troups!!!!