Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby sitting

Jackie and Justin went on a Cruise this last week and we got to babysit the babies!  It has been so fun and EXHAUSTING!  I was totally out numbered!   They are growing up so fast!  They both try to say so many words (most I do not understand) They are such cute little friends.  We just waited outside at 3:00 everyday for Grace to come home from schoool!  Hahaha  Then Grace and her friends would play for a few hours and then I could finally clean up from breakfast!  Hahaha
Addison carried the picture of her parents around all day and made sure I knew who they were!  

Playing outside

They love the Tire Swing

Playing in the Hammock

First thing they do is run and get in my bed and ask for Bampa

Justin (Best Son In Law Ever) took Grace to the fair again  and then he left on his Cruise! 

This is how Grace babysits!  This is why they wait for her to come home!

Grandpa also gives alot of golf cart rides

We spent most of the week at the park:)

We were at the store and addison took out my card and tried to swipe it!  HAHAHA  She clearly knows what it's for!  They are in big trouble with this little smarty!

Last and Final time!

Grace and I spent a week at MOSS (McCall Outdoor Science Camp) along with 100 of her class mates!  It was crazy!  11 year olds EVERYWHERE! The weather was great, our group leader was awesome but the food was Terrible!  We hiked to Osprey point, did some rock climbing and did a project on water temperature.  I am so glad that was my last time to experience what I fondly refer to as 6th grade torture camp!  Hahahaha  That was my 5th and final time!  WOO HOO!  I am just not a camper :)

Everyone Gathering to get instruction

Grace and her buddies

Osprey Point

Hip waiters to get the temp of water

This is ALOT of 11year olds!

My Mom's Birthday

We went to California to celebrate my cute little mom's birthday!  We ate so much good food thanks to Papa Joe!  Chris & Cassy brought their little family and Blessed baby Emily on Sunday!  Derek and Diana and their shrinking family came also (they only have Mitchell and Haley left).  My Aunt Ann and Uncle John also came.  It was so fun to see everyone!  We played putt putt golf and went out to eat and did lots of visiting!  The time went to quickly!  My mom is doing ok.  She was trying some new medication for her parkinson's and she thought it was helping.  I hope so!  It is such a miserable disease!

Never hungry at Papa Joes!

Putt Putt Golf

Savannah's first ride on a Motorcycle with uncle Jeremy

We loved baby emily!

Chris & Emily before the baby blessing

Savannah and Mitchell at Putt Putt


It has been so fun to watch Witney on So You Think You Can Dance!  She did Awesome!  She made it to the top 3 girls and I went to LA to watch her LIVE!  It was fabulous!  She was eliminated but I wasn't bad luck:)  Plus I think it was all rigged anyway! HAHA  I got to have some delicious crepes and  do some shopping with my sisters and see some great performances!  My favorite was on our way back to the airport on the shuttle this lady came up to witney and said "Are you kidding me!  You are Witney Carson!" (really crabby)  and Witney said "yes?"  and the lady explained that she LOVES the show and her and her daughter LOVE Witney!  But she had to travel this week and so they DVR'd the show and she was not getting on Facebook and told everyone not to tell her anything because she wanted to watch the show and not know!  But clearly Witney was eliminated because she was on her way to the airport!  HAHAHAHA  So she took a picture with witney and texted it to her daughter:)

Witney, Eliana and Tiffany played Family Feud everynight before they went to bed.   They played it so much they new all the answers!  HAHA

Watching it live!  I guess I was on TV alot.  When we got out of the show I had a million texts  saying people saw me on TV!  HAHAHA  Even Savannah had kids at school tell her they saw her mom on TV!  

After the show with the famous people :)

So proud of this girl!  What an incredible experience she had!