Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grace P.

Just Basketball, Basketball, Basketball at our house so I decided to post about Grace today!

She is such a great Kid! We are so happy that with a house full of teenagers we have her! She loves me and loves everything I do for her! So a few things about Grace P. She gets her name Grace P. from her sister Laur P. - In 1st grade there were 2 girls with the name Grace so our Grace was called Grace P. Lauren went to eat lunch with her one day at school and there was a boy who kept trying to get Grace's attention and kept calling her Grace P., Grace P., Grace P. Thus the name was born - Lauren never called her anything else from that point on.
Okay more about Grace , She is 8 just baptized and in 3rd Grade. She is an Excellent Speller and just got her report card that said she got 99% for the semester on her spelling tests! She is learning her times tables and her dad gives her 2 seconds to answer or he wacks her! (I know -sounds a little like child abuse!) She has a strong love for Animals and ROCKS! Yes I said rocks! I think she takes after her Grandpa Johnson. Everyday when Grace walks home not only does she take FOREVER she always picks up a few beautiful rocks to bring home because she loves them so much! What a goof! Sometimes in the morning when I pick up her back pack it feels really heavy and I have to go through the pockets and this is what I find!

I make her keep the rocks outside - here is just a few of the thousands of Rocks she has brought home this year!

She also has a love for animals especially her cat banjo - You all know the story of banjo - we found all these kittens in the bushes by our drive way and grace was so excited because she had been praying for a cat! So we ended up keeping one and she named her Banjo - also known as Ojnab (banjo backwards) Banjo is a really mean cat - to EVERYONE but Grace! (couldl be because the rest of kids torture the poor cat!) She loves Grace! She finds Grace where ever she is and lays by her! It is very cute!

Grace also loves to learn new things! She just learned how to cook scrambled eggs and eggs over easy - she said she can't decide which one she loves the most. Her scrambled eggs look mostly like melted cheese because she puts about 1/2 lb of grated cheese to melt on top. She also learned how to sew this last week and made a cute quilted pillow! She is also really good at piano, reading, riding her bike, roller blading, skiing, and waterskiing, tubing, swimming and kayaking. She LOVES to play with her friends in the neighborhood and is probably our most social child! She is the best! The whole family loves her!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Tryouts for 7th Grade Girls Basketball for the Jr. High have been going on all week and Savannah has been an emotional wreck! Today she found out she made the A-TEAM!!!! Grace also had some big news - She was elected to the Mcdonald Elementary Student Council! Her whole class had to vote and she won! Big day for us! We went out to eat at Mongolian to celebrate!